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All cheats for this game by platform: GameBoy Advance

Alternate costumes
Win battle 2 in chapter 3. Then, keep pressing roughly the brown mountains that appear from the gray hills in the northeast edge of the map to find Anri"s alternate costume.Win fight 1 in thing 3. Then, keep pushing top top the wall surface where the Dark Elves were located to uncover Khris" alternating costume.Successfully complete the video game after all the cards have actually been collected. Begin a new Game+ and speak to the woman in the hut near where Gong is obtained to obtain Tao"s and also Narsha"s alternating costume. Cards Adam: uncovered in the entrance room of Runefaust Castle.Alef: hidden in a chest in Prompt. Amon: have actually Balbaroy join your party. Anri: found on a bookshelf in Manarina Castle. Arthur: get the Orb of Light, climate speak come Arthur in Manarina.Balbazak: have Earnest kill Balbazak. Bleu: win the battle with Kane to go Rudo , then speak Karin, then Krin, climate Karin two more times.Chaos: have Adam kill Chaos. Colossus: have actually Luke death Colossus" facility head.Dark Dragon: have actually Mawlock kill Dark Dragon. Darksol: have Max kill Darksol.Demon Master: have actually Narsha kill Demon Master. Diane: covert in the pigpen in ~ the an initial Pao location.Domingo: speak to the pigs in city at the 2nd Pao location.Dullahan: have actually Domingo death Dullahan. Earnest: found on a bookshelf in Urbanatol.Elliot: have Max death Elliot. Ghoul: have Max kill Ghoul. Gobgovitch: have actually Narsha kill Gobgovitch. Gong: have Gong join your party then talk to the mrs inside the cabin.Gort: have Gort join your party, then speak to his nephew in the basement close to the center of townHanzou: surprise in a tree near the pub in Runefaust. Hellhound: have Guntz death Hellhound. Kane: have Max kill Kane.Khris: Speak to Khris" pan after the fourth battle of the game.Kokichi: watch Kokichi"s flying fit demonstration, then talk to his assistant.Laser Eye: have Anri execute the last hit in battle 3 in chapter 3.Lyle: hidden inside a chest in the northwest corner of Rudo. Marionette: have Gort kill Marionette. Understand Mage: have actually Mae kill master Mage. Max: Successfully complete the game.Mishaela: have Max execute the final hit in the last battle in chapter 6.Musashi: talk to Kane in Prompt, then search the large building with two doors and also look top top the wall between the doors.Pegasus Knight: have actually Zylo execute the death hit come the last Pegasus article in battle 2 in chapter 3.Ramladu: have actually Narsha death Ramladu.Rune Knight: have Max kill Rune Knight.Silver Knight: have actually Tao or Anri execute the final hit in battle 3 in thing 3.Skeleton: have Anri kill Skeleton.Soul Eater: have Zuika kill soul Eater. Tao: speak to Anri in Manarina and get turned right into a chicken by the foolish scientist. The wizard who changes you earlier has the card.Torasu: find the bookshelf close to the left elder in prompt castle.Yogurt: find the regulate panel that the front carriage in the Pao caravan in both settlements.Zylo: find the church sign in Bustoke.
Narsha, Zukia, Mawlock
These room the brand-new three characters you can acquire in the modification verison the the game, You start with playing with Narsha in Epilogue 1, and you acquire Zukia during the fight together well. Mawlock shows up after Epilogue 3. They join the glowing Force throughout Chapter 4 ~ the fight against General Elliot. Narsha can only equip society weapons. Zukia can rise to the rank of Terminator. Mawlock supplies the cards the you collect v out the game.ArthurTalk come Arthur prior to you leaving Rindo in chapter 2.DomingoTake your egg come the Egg Warmer in thing 4.GongLeave the an initial battle by casting Egress. Go to the shack to the eastern of the Gate and you will uncover the monk, Gong. Speak come him and also he will sign up with you.GortIn thing 1, listen to Gort"s stories prior to the first battle. Talk to Gort again ~ the battle.GuntzWatch Guntz test the heavy steam suit in thing 4. He will joins your party later, in ~ the Paopig pen.KokichiWatch Kokichi test his flying maker Chapter 4 after the is freed. He will join when Pao leaves.MawlockWhen you finish the game you will certainly restart with every little thing cards you ended up in the previous search with the addition of the Max (hero) card. Additionally when girlfriend restart the game on the way to the very first battle as soon as you meet with Mawlock, he joins the Shining pressure early.After you have actually completed the game for the first time and also start a brand-new game under the same name, Mawlock will be a selectable personality from the an extremely beginning instead of later in the game. You also will have all the cards that you gathered from the prior video game at the begin of the new game.MusashiFirst, success the battle with Kane. Then, go back to Rudo. On the right corner of the building with the hanging shirts have to be a parchment i beg your pardon reads "Fluttering". Enter the building where you formerly woke up. On the opposite wall surface are 5 white parchments. Check out the fourth one from the left. It claims "White". If going out of the city, stick come the left wall and shot not go into battle. Keep going left, and also when you can go no an ext in that direction, go down. There will be a board which reads "The boy...". Go back to the city without entering a battle. Go to the building with the shirts. There will be three lines the shirts. Look for the line with just one shirt and also search it. It will certainly say "Search the statue". Search the statue that the dragon god. Musashi will join you after ~ a quick talk.YogurtAfter see Yogurt in every chapter before Chapter 4, search around the church in Pao.
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