Literary techniques used in thing 11 of To death a Mockingbird incorporate similes, metaphors, and also imagery, which develop the atmosphere of this chapter.

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This is the chapter whereby the youngsters find us in dispute with Mrs. Dubose, and there are numerous literary gadgets employed to collection the mood for this chapter.

As the kids pass by, Mrs. Dubose hurls insults in ~ them, and Jem and Scout efficiently avoid gaining too upset through her...

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This is the chapter where the youngsters find themselves in conflict with Mrs. Dubose, and also there are several literary tools employed to set the mood for this chapter.

As the children pass by, Mrs. Dubose hurls insults in ~ them, and Jem and also Scout efficiently avoid getting too upset through her thanks to Atticus"s encouragement and also example. However one evening, Mrs. Dubose finds another means of attack, introduce to Atticus as "a Finch in the courthouse lawing because that niggers.” This stops Jem in his tracks, and a an allegory is utilized to describe the influence her indigenous have had on Jem:

Mrs. Dubose’s shot had gone home and she knew it.

Her nasty indigenous are compared to a shot, provided with the intention of causing an excellent harm. She metaphorical shot creates the reaction she"d to be trying come elicit in Jem, and he ends up ruining her flowers since of it.

Both a simile and also imagery are supplied to define the figure of Mrs. Dubose as she lies in bed once Jem go to review to her:

Her challenge was the shade of a dirty pillowcase, and also the corners of her mouth glistened v wet, which inched prefer a glacier under the deep grooves enclosing she chin.

Comparing she saliva to a glacier together it moves down her confront is quite a vivid (and grotesque) image, and it contributes come the perception of Mrs. Dubose.

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When Mrs. Dubose dies, Atticus employs a simile to define her eventual freedom native morphine addiction, noting that she died as totally free "as the hill air." despite he didn"t know it at the time, Jem"s evenings spent reading to Mrs. Dubose had detailed a much-needed distraction as she struggled to leaving the earth complimentary from the addictions i m sorry had constantly plagued her.