Posted through Lewis on December 19, 2006In answer to: 6 of one... Post by R. Berg on December 18, 2006: : : : : : : : : : 6 to one, fifty percent a dozen come another. - If the intended definition is "same difference", then six of one and half a dozen of another does not work. It describes two various things grouped by six. However, 6 to one (person) and half a dozen to another (person) is the very same thing stated two various ways. Thus, the meaning of the cliche transforms depending top top wether you use "of" or "to".: : : : : : : : : It would certainly change, yet you seem come be one of the very couple of persons that misquotes the cliche. I did a Google find of "six to one, half a dozen come another" (your version) and got 7 hits. I then gone into "six the one, half a doaen the another" and got 45,000 uses.: : : : : : : : and also the variation I usage "six of one fifty percent dozen the the other" gets 24,200. Pamela: : : : : : : by the way, i don"t agree through the logic that "six of one, half dozen of the other" can"t average "same difference" due to the fact that it "refers come two various things grouped by six". It way that "six" and "half a dozen" are specifically the very same thing. For this reason if there to be an arguement between person A and also person B and person A claims "We need to get more people to attend church" and person B claims "No! We must get civilization to recognise the importance of religion" and I to speak "Well, it"s six of one half dozen of the other" climate this shows that i think the there is no difference between attending church and also recognising the importance of religion. Pamela: : : : : : Language is rarely, if ever, logical but, when we"re being excessively logical, John through 6 oranges is fixed the exact same as Judy v 6 oranges. John and also Judy aren"t the same. 6 oranges provided to a millionaire is nothing, when 6 oranges offered to a starving human being is a fortune therefore in that situation even the oranges aren"t the same.: : : : : I"ve constantly heard "it"s six of one and fifty percent a dozenof the other," never the version through "to." and the definition isn"t "same difference"; it"s "no difference, at least almost speaking." Yeah, okay, that"s how human being use "same difference," but "same difference" need to be bound, gagged, and thrown into the same dungeon as "I could care less." ~rb: : : : in mine experience, "six the one, fifty percent dozen of the other" is usually used to say the two human being are equally to blame, often for beginning an argument. The is claimed to convey that there a re two equally (in)valid viewpoints and also that both world are no an ext right 보다 the various other in appealing for exterior support.: : : : it means that the people are both in the not correct - but equally so.: : : : L: : :: : : Yes, i agree the it"s normally used to mean that both human being are in the not correct or are equally to blame. In the church example I gave above, i should have said the in saying "six that one, half: : : dozen the the other" human C thinks the there is no difference between the two statements and disagrees v both. Pamela: : not certain the church instance worked - in that example both human being might be right, conversely, the "6 the one" is usually around blame - as in, the police decided not to prosecute one of two people neighbour for assault - hear both sides, they determined it to be 6 of one and fifty percent dozen of the other, therefore they offered them both a warning.: : L: i haven"t heard the phrase in contexts that assigning blame.

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It"s used when a person has to choose one of two options that space superficially different however equally desirable. Is this a regional difference? ~rb, in the walk sound a regional difference - in southern Britain at least, if no throughout the UK, it"s provided to define a case of apportioning blame.LArcades Ambo pamela 19/December/06Arcades Ambo Bob 19/December/06Arcades Ambo Smokey Stover 20/December/06The Night castle Drove Ol" Dixie under Lewis 04/January/07