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Also known As: SmackDown vs. Life 2008: WWEGenre: Sports, rings Developer: Yukes Publisher: THQ ESRB Rating: teen Release Date: November 6, 2007

This is the easy means to acquire a perfect winning streak on 24/7 mode. Prior to every match, revolve on dq"s, and also choose to play as your opponent. Then, when the match starts, grab a weapon and attack her superstar through it. You space dq"d, yet your superstar wins! but in a location match, if her trying to victory the title, play together the various other guy and let yourself obtain beat up and also get pinned, and also your superstar will have actually the belt!

First do it a 2 player game. Litter your various other fighter right into the truck. Move the best stick. It will certainly run your head into it. Make your other guy climb the truck. Nowyou climb the truck and also it will certainly throw lock off and you will certainly be top top the truck!

To victory easily, plug in player two and on story mode put player two as your guy and also you as your challenger and also make you yourself win.

Entrances ---------Legend 1: Sgt. SlaughterLegend 2: Jim NeidhartLegend 3: Eddie GuerreroSuperstar 1: cut AngleSuperstar 2: kris JerichoSuperstar 3: Booker TSuperstar 4: huge ShowSuperstar 5: Lance CadeSuperstar 6: Trevor MurdochSuperstar 7: Hardcore HollySuperstar 8: Joey MercurySuperstar 9: TazzSuperstar 10: rob Van DamSuperstar 11: Shelton BenjaminSuperstar 12: Dusty RhodesSuperstar 13: The BoogeymanSuperstar 14: Paul LondonSuperstar 15: Brian Kendrick These room the Preset steady EntrancesTag basic 1 - Paul London and Brian KendrickTag general 2 - Lance Cade and also Trevor MurdochTag basic 3 - Bret Hart and Jim "The Anvil" NeidhartTag basic 4 - wilhelm Regal and also Dave TaylorTag general 5 - Johnny Nitro andKenny DykstraTag general 6 - GenericTag general 7 - share (mix that old singles animations)Mixed tag 1 - sheet & LitaMixed tags 2 - Charlie Haas & Jackie GaydaMixed tags 3 - GenericMixed sign 4 - Mike Knox & Kelly KellyMixed sign 5 - Kenny Dykstra & VictoriaTrio 1 - MNMTrio 2 - soul SquadTrio 3 - ECW Originals Movesets --------1. Paul London2. Brian Kendrick3. Charlie Haas4. Shelton Benjamin5. Eugene6. Val Venis7. Rob Van Dam8. Big Show9. Test10. Hardcore Holly11. Tazz12. Cut Angle13. Christian14. Rhyno15. Bubba beam Dudley16. D-Von Dudley17. "Ass Man" Bily Gunn18. "Road Dogg" Jesse James19. Samoa Joe20. AJ Styles21. Christopher Daniels22. Tajiri23. Brock Lesnar24. Goldberg25. Sting26. X-Pac27. Jimmy Snuka28. Dusty Rhodes29. Ultimate Warrior

Pick any type of two superstars because that a parking many brawlmatch. Win your opponent until you reach fullmomentum (when you gain to the allude to wherein youcan pull turn off a finisher). Irish whip youropponent into either the hearse or the trashtruck. Push triangle and, viola, girlfriend win.

When play just about any the the hall of Famematches walk to in match alternatives and placed no DQ.When in the enhance go outside and get a weapon.Stay outside and also fight your foe until the isbleeding our is weak sufficient to pin. Struggle himinside and pin him and also their friend go, friend win.

In 24/7 setting there space 2 or 4 collection careers. Ns onlyknow two. They room Triple H and also Batista. Girlfriend dotheir 24/7 mode and also they have actually special events. ForTriple H over there is his marriage to Stephanie Mcmahonand other things. Batista beginning out with a titlebelt as soon as you start and also you have a #1 contenderproblem between Finlay and also Undertaker. The othertwo i think there room are man Cena and ReyMysterio.

First you walk to options. Then walk to gameplaysettings. On stand grapple and also strike reversalrate placed it every the method down. Then put groundstrike and reversal rate down. Then placed finisherreversal price all down. Pick Triple H. Every timesomeone start the ring run up and also do the chokemove. Then eliminate them.

In 24/7 mode, choose events and tasks as your daily activity. Choose the option "Villian movie". If the movie fails, girlfriend will acquire $ 4000. If it"s a success, girlfriend will obtain $ 10,000 and if it"s a huge success, girlfriend will gain $15,000 or occasionally even more depending on your "On camera" skills which have the right to be improved in the alternative of ~ above camera training.

Play together a superstar or a developed superstar in 24/7 mode. In the day-to-day activities, pick the occasions and tasks option. Choose the option" various other brand invasion" and also get a +5 or +8 popularity bonus. Repeat this until your superstar obtain 100% popular bonus. Her player will be ranked on optimal of the power 25 and will get a +3 Legend progress. In the next week, after your complement in your show, just simulate the main till your following show. Her popularity will decrease by either 20 or 15%. Climate again make your popularity 100% and also you will again obtain some legend progress.

While playing as basic manager in 24/7 mode, go to the options, and toggle theinjuries off. Now go to events and tasks and select the option "Other brandinvasion." choose the superstar you desire to give a popularity bonus. If it"s asuccess, your selected superstar will receive a bonus of +5 and also if it"s a bigsuccess her superstar will receive a popularity of +8. Repeat this till yoursuperstar gets 100% popularity.

Play as GM in 24/7 mode. For this you very first have to try the 100% popular cheat. As soon as all or most of her players have 100% popularity, their complement rating will certainly come up to either 4, 4.5 or a 5 star rating. The an ext the match ratings, the an ext the showratings. If you have a greater show rating than the other brands, you will get a great fan support.

There space 2 location you can gain a shovel as a weapon:In the Parking many Brawl, go over to thegarbage truck and press the "pick increase weapon"button. It will certainly then be available to use.In the hidden Alive Match, walk over to wherein thecasket is. Right alongside it is a shovel. Walk upnear it and press the "pick increase weapon" button. Youcan then use it come hurt your enemies even morethen usual!

Keep walk on trophy dates which will sell a 5% fan an increase (8% if huge success),costs $500, 10% fatigue. Ns would only use this technique if girlfriend are really impatient.

Keep going to the autograph points that only provides 1% pan bonus (2% if bigsuccess). Ns recommend this due to the fact that it doesn"t take any type of fatigue.

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To pen without fail go to either a Hardcorematch or any type of no DQ match. You have to be inmultiplayer mode and player 1 must be in a pinposition when player 2 hold a steel chair.Make sure player 2 is beside player 1. Move theright analong stick in any type of direction together player2. Player 1 would proceed the pen while thesecond player go his grapple move.