What's the surname of that Dance song that has actually an Accordion Playing and also is type of Techno?

The name of the track that sounds like an accordion play is: stereotype Love. Because the surname of the tune is never heard in its text the title has been a little bit elusive. Appears everyone loves the song, but no one to know the surname of it. The track is through Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina and also is certainly entitled stereo Love. Some call it techno but most civilization just understand that that sounds choose it has actually an accordion playing and sounds a little bit European. Human being searching for the name of the track have explained it together Italian, French, Spanish and also even Irish. Some have a more broad term and also simply speak European.

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Others search for the many recognizable text such as, "baby i run, however I'm to run to you," and also "I'm hiding inside," or "When you gonna avoid breaking mine heart?" In any kind of event, now you know. Reap watching the video (below) and learn more about this awesome song. If you want to acquisition the song, album or expanded version of this song, you'll stclairdrake.net those links on this page.

Here's the video clip of the "Accordion Song"

Stereo Love

is the name of the song.

Accordion Techno tune - The surname of the track is: stereotype Love

The video was filmed in Greece and also the man and also woman in the video are without doubt Edward Maya and also Vika Jigulina who sing the song.


Vika Jigulina

Lyrics come the song Stereo Love

Hard come discern - right here are a few

Many of the lyrics are hard to do out. The indigenous are spoken rather softly by Vika Jigulina however there are a few that most civilization can pick up on together as:

When you gonna protect against breaking mine heart?

I don't desire to be another one

Paying for the points I never done

But baby, baby ns run, but I'm running to you

You won't check out me cry, I'm hiding inside

My heart is in pain but I'm smiling because that you

Oh baby I'll try to do the things right

I can't perform them all because I can't hear lock all!

Quick poll - to be you looking for the name of the song? - maybe you searched for the terms "Accordion" and/or "Techno"


Stereo Love Single

More about "The Techno Accordion Song"

The One with the Elusive Name

There's simply something about this song. It's hugely well-known as a dance song especially in Europe, but additionally has a romantic very nice (did you view the video?). Taped in 2009, "Stereo Love" is a song by musician Edward Maya (Romanian) special Vika Jigulina (Romanian, however born in Russia). It to be released as Maya's debut single from his album of the same name. The basis for the track came from an additional song "Bayatilar" created by musician Eldar Mansurov (more on that story below). The song quickly became a an international hit very first in discos everywhere Europe. America shortly followed and now the hunt is ~ above by millions of fans to find out the surname of the song.

You can read much more about the song at: Wikipedia


Edward Maya stereotype Love Song

About Edward Maya

Recording Artist that the Techno sound European Song

Starting in 2006, Edward Maya operated with number of Romanian artists, yet launched is own an initial song together an artist in 2009 - stereotype Love. Stereo Love is a record breaking stop hit as the longest charting tune in the europe 100. Maya has actually released two an ext singles "This is my Life" and also "Desert Rain" both likewise featuring Vika Jigulina (see much more info on these 2 songs when you scroll down).

Birth Name: Ilie Eduard Marian

Birth Date: June 29, 1986

Birth Place: Bucharest

Now resides in: Romania

Schooling: George Enescu Music High School and Bucharest Conservatory.

Occupation: Musician, producer, performer, and composer


Girl Voice in Accordion Song

About Vika Jigulina

Beautiful Romanian Singer through a Soft Voice

Here's the face to placed with the voice in the song. A soft flowing voice matches increase perfectly with the music.

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Birth Name: Victoria Corneva

Birth Date: February 18, 1986

Birth Place: Moscow, Russia

Now resides in: Romania

Schooling: Rachmaninov college of Music

Occupation: Music Producer, Singer


All solved Now

Maya and Jigulina

More Beautiful Songs through a comparable Sound and also Beat

By Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina

If you favor Stereo Love girlfriend will additionally like two more recent releases by Maya and Jigulina, This Is mine Life and also Desert Rain. These two artists do a masterful pair in the techno dance genre. The central theme the all 3 songs seems to be lover seeking each various other striving to fulfill their love. The song are quite romantic. Take it a listen to castle below.

Links of attention - find out much more about the song and the artists who sing it

Have girlfriend heard the song? carry out you prefer it?

anonymous on respectable 10, 2013:

theres likewise that's my surname by accent an excellent song take it me forever to find it hope it helps those who couldn't find it

anonymous on august 12, 2012:

Best track ever. Nuff said

CCGAL top top July 12, 2012:

This is my first exposure to this track - I favor it, though. I uncovered this lens while searching for lenses ~ above the keyword Accordion - because that's the word I chose for my search of Blessing points I love. :) Blessed!

Mike and Karen from southerly California top top September 04, 2011:

What a funny song! mine dad had actually played the accordion for years - there was no Techno ago then, yet he would certainly have took pleasure in it! thanks for the pretty lens!

anonymous on march 28, 2011:

This is an additional song ns wondered around after I very first heard it! i didn't understand the surname of it earlier then, however I love the accordion-esque effects and the fast paced beat the had. Ns finally established what that was referred to as by searching the web, yet this is a great lens for world who space trying to stclairdrake.net out what the name of the song is ~ hearing it. The song is an extremely distinctive, and this is one more one the my most recent favorites. Thanks again!

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