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Metaphors always find their way into songs, yet there space a few that it seems ~ to it is in ubiquitous. Night, together a metaphor, has uncovered its way into more song titles 보다 you deserve to count. In fact, it's feasible to develop a list of songs through night in the title for each genre. Many songs usage it figuratively, often showing a dark minute in life. Others usage it literally, prefer what to perform on a funny Saturday night.

Deciding what song to encompass in this list was a small challenging, mainly because of the sheer number of great "night" songs. Still, I had actually an enjoyable time curating this songs, and also I hope you'll have fun as well. Permit me to melted light on few of the finest songs with words night in the title.

Best "Night" Songs

1. “Queen that the Night” by Whitney Houston

2. “Mr. Night” through Kenny Loggins

3. “Night Changes” by One Direction

4. “Spend the Night” by Earth, Wind & Fire

5. “Nights” by frank Ocean

6. “Dance the Night Away” by van Halen

7. “Saturday Night” by Khalid

8. “Chasing The Night” by Diviners, Marin Hoxha & Exede

9. “One more Night” through Maroon 5

10. “A difficult Day’s Night” by The Beatles

11. “Night” by Bruce Springsteen

12. “Saturday Night” by Lynrd Skynyrd

13. "Sunglasses at Night” through Corey Hart

14. “All job and all of the Night” through The Kinks

15. “You Shook me every Night Long” by AC/DC

16. “Night” by Jean Seizure

17. “Prove it all Night” by Bruce Springsteen

18. “Ain’t even Done with the Night” by john Mellencamp

19. “Black Night” by Deep Purple

20. “Night Fever” by bee Gees

21. “The Night begins to Shine” by B.E.R.

22. “Night Train” by James Brown

23. “A Night favor This” by The Cure

24. “The Nights” through Avicii

25. “The Night the lamp Went the end in Georgia” by Reba McEntire

26. “Steal far (The Night)” by Ozzy Osbourne

27. “Open every Night” by Bon Jovi

28. “Saturday Night’s Alright” through Elton John

29. “Long Live the Night” through Joan jett & The Blackhearts

30. “Bring on the Night” through The Police

31. “Tonight’s the Night” by pole Stewart

32. “Rhythm that the Night” through Corona

33. “Rock and also Roll all Night” by Kiss

34. “Night Flight” by Led Zeppelin

35. “Judgement Night” by Biohazard, Onyx

36. “End of the Night” by Danny Avila

37. “Nightshift” by Commodores

38. “This is the Night” by The The

39. “Night and Day” by Al B. Sure

40. “All Night long (All Night)" by Lionel Richie

41. “Give me the Night” by George Benson

42. “Into the Night" by Benny Mardones

43. “Touch in the Night” by quiet Circle

44. “All Night Passion” through Alisha

45. “Night Train” by Visage

46. “Tonight’s Da Night” by Redman

47. “Night Boat” through Duran Duran

48. “Up every Night” by Slaughter

49. “Own the Night” by Chaka Khan

50. “Such a Night” by Elvis Presley

51. “The Darkest side of the Night” by Metropolis

52. “Friday Night” by Scarface

53. “Crying in the Night” by Buckingham Nicks

54. “Nightbird” by Kalapana

55. “Turn increase the Night” by black color Sabbath

56. “Day ‘n’ Night” by child Cudi

57. “Another Night” by actual McCoy

58. “This is your Night” by Amber

59. “I had too lot to Dream critical Night” through The electric Prunes

60. “Lonely is the Night” by Billy Squier

61. “Night Nurse” by Gregory Isaac

62. “All Night” by Damian Marley

63. "Night the the Thumpasorus Peoples” by Parliament

64. “It’s a Disco Night” by The Isley Brothers

65. “I Love the Night Life (Disco ‘Round)" by Alicia Bridges

66. “One Night in Bangkok” by Murray Head

67. “Turn out the Light” through Amy Holland

68. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” through Katy Perry

69. “Late Night People” by GoldFish

70. “Boogie Nights” by heat Wave

71. “Reggae Night” through Jimmy Cliff

72. “Little river Band” by The Night Owls

73. “Spend the Night v me” by silver- Convention

74. “Here come the Night” by The coast Boys

75. “Feel the Night” through Baxter Robertson

76. “December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night)” by The four Seasons

77. “Hot Night” through Laura Branigan

78. “Cold black Night” by thin Lizzy

79. “The Darkest Nights” by as I place Dying

80. “Where Did girlfriend Sleep critical Night” by Nirvana

81. “Flowers the the Night” by Paul Kantner

82. “Thief in the Night” by The rolling Stones

83. "All in a Night’s Work” by Dean Martin

84. “Night that Rebellion” through INXS

85. “When the Night is Over” through The Magician feat. Newtimes

86. “Gone v the Night” by Patrice Rushen

87. “Wild Night is Calling” by valve Morrison

88. "Later the Night” candid Zappa

89. “LA Nights” by Ne-yo

90. “A Night come Remember” by Highschool musical Cast

91. “Whatever it s okay You Thru the Night” by man Lennon

92. “Night People” by Kool & The Gang

93. “Do it every Night” by Prince

94. “Into the Night” through Benny Mardones

95. “Nightlife” by eco-friendly Day feat. Lady Cobra

96. “Heart that the Night” by Poco

97. “Don’t you know What the Night deserve to do?” by Steve Winwood

98. “Whatever (I had a Dream)” through Butthole Surfers

99. "Night the the life Dead” by Misfits

100. “Last Night i Dreamt That someone Loved me” by The Smiths


Umesh Chandra Bhatt indigenous Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on April 27, 2020:

Great compilation. A night come remember at serial 90 is quite good.

Liz Westwood from UK top top April 27, 2020:

You have put with each other an exciting playlist.

Carson McQueen
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