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Overall Summary

When Leo Borlock to be a boy, he got a porcupine necktie from his uncle. He made decision to start collecting them due to the fact that he had actually only one in ~ the time. One day, he was featured in a tiny newspaper article and also then received one more porcupine tie as a gift. The sender of that tie continues to be unknown come this day.

Leo is around to start his freshman year that high school. He’s friends with a kid named Kevin, and also they’ve started their own TV display together. They fulfill Stargirl Caraway, who wears different apparel than the other children do and also brings she pet rat to school. The student gossip that she might be a fake or trying to fit in too much, but Leo thinks there’s other special about her due to the fact that he can’t number out why she dresses differently from everyone else.

A couple of months later, Stargirl reflects up at the Mica High football games. She dances around the field and amazes anyone in attendance. The head cheerleader invites her to join the squad, which she go a couple of weeks later. Leo and Kevin talk about whether or no they need to tell Archie Brubaker what’s walking on through Stargirl since he helps them out as soon as they need advice from time come time. Eventually, castle decide the it would be a an excellent idea to ask him because that his advice about Stargirl because he has been v so much in his life already. He tells them that human being will know who you are by your inquiries rather than your answers because no one is specifically like anyone rather in this world. Through December of that year, civilization were attracted towards Stargirl’s kind nature and also started to express themselves an ext freely and supporting their peers much more often than before. That was almost like a golden age where college student didn’t care around anything other than gift happy together while celebrating every others’ individuality throughout this period of time after ~ Stargirl confirmed up at school for the an initial time ever.

Things adjust for Stargirl as soon as she makes it come the playoffs. She starts cheering for other teams instead of her own, and soon that becomes a problem. When she’s interviewed on hot Seat (a TV show), i m sorry is led by one of her biggest critics, things obtain out the hand quickly as they begin criticizing she name and also cheering style. They end up accusing she of only wanting attention and also demanding the she be “normal.”

Leo is a personality in the publication Stargirl. He’s one outsider, and he also plays basketball for his high school team. In among his notebooks, Leo finds a valentine indigenous Stargirl. The two start to date secretly, yet they’re shunned by the other students because they think the Stargirl caused Mica High to shed in the playoffs. Archie tells Leo that it’s vital to figure out which person he worths more—Stargirl or everyone else at Mica High School—and then consist of his mind around her. Meanwhile, Leo helps Stargirl with her an enig missions and also learns more about that she really is as a person.

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Leo loves security time v Stargirl, however he additionally feels like his classmates don’t accept her. He wishes that she would simply conform to what anyone else wants rather of being herself. Leo confronts Stargirl about this and they have a huge argument. She doesn’t recognize why Leo is therefore concerned about what other civilization think since they live in a human being where there space “them” and “us.” The following day, Stargirl reflects up at school wearing normal clothes and calls herself Susan again. Leo is happy because now it’s simpler for him to be seen v her in public. However Susan’s attempts come fit in aren’t working as well as she’d hoped, for this reason she decides that if she wins the state oratorical dispute then all of her difficulties will be solved once and for all. Sure enough, when the contest comes roughly Susan performs wonderfully and receives one overwhelming quantity of praise from everyone except two teachers that still call her Stargirl behind close up door doors (and Dori Dilson who continues to be loyal). Afterward, at Mica High school on Monday morning, nobody talks to Susan except for Dori Dilson; also though everybody knows the Susan won the dispute by far! In fact none the them also showed approximately watch she perform! afterwards during course while the students space doing their work-related assignments one student named Leo tries talking to me but I overlook him due to the fact that I understand he doesn’t want anything much more than friendship in between us no longer after ours fight critical week.