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Return Policy: 3 job inspection and return policy on used guns.Shipping There room no additional days because that inspections. Fees payment by buyer. Buyer pays the return shipping and also insurance
Payment Methods: cashiers check, money orders, Visa, Mastercard,Credit cards call for a 3.75% financial institution fee. TN residents add 9.25% sales tax. Layaway available.(Contact us for Terms)

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Stevens by Savage Arms version 67 collection E 12 GA Pump Description:Stevens by Savage Arms design 67 series E 12 GA pump, chambered for 2 3/4"and 3" shells with a capacity of 4 and also 1.. The gun has a 28" high ribbed barrel v deep blueing. The butt plate has actually a rubber recoil pad. Length of traction is 14". There are a couple of minor dings ~ above the stock. The security is on height rear the the receiver. The best side that the receiver has actually a long shallow scratch. Over there is one small ding ~ above the forearm. The barrel has actually one little spot on the right side, 2" over the mag tube. The choke pipe (There is just one choke tube but more can it is in ordered) is .71". The is a Winchester screw type. The inner of the barrel is not rusted or pitted, but, the light is worn off type steel shot. The activity is smooth..If paying with credit map there is secondary 3.75% fee. The price that this fine pump pistol is $295.00 freight paid. PICE reduced TO $275.00This total qualifies for our place Away. You salary 25% that the sales price, and divide the balance by 4 equal payments, which provides you 5 months to salary the gun out. The payments space due every 30 job after the down payment has actually been received. The firearm have the right to be paid the end at any type of time girlfriend desire and will be shipped in ~ 3 business days to your FFL. Over there is a 15 job grace period for payments that are previous due, there will certainly be a $25.00 so late fee add to 1.5% fee of balance owed added to the next month"s payment however you will certainly not loose the firearm. If payment is not made in ~ the grace duration you will loose the lot the amount that you have paid and all legal rights to any claim on the firearm. The firearm you location in lay away is the firearm you will receive and also it will certainly be identified by that serial number. Contact us because that a copy that the agreement. SOLDManufacturer:Stevens by Savage eight Model:67 collection E 12 ga. Pump acton. Bore:12ga Condition:Used Action:Pump Gauge Info:12 GA Chokes:one