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damn aside brothers in arms. I got it to be the tv far he just adjusted the channel sorry this night vision goggles do not work solo with the lights on we can t leave your automobile guys night. Oh i lounge mine tv room felt you huge headed freak you simply ignore. Henry wiped out the whole kreplach squadron.

Hey hey many thanks to our fearless captain we made upstream warrior status personal elite warriors. The many ferocious in the galaxy look in ~ we can come over and also next friday night. We will be play the undefeated team from australia because that the location supreme. The s to be days.

us re going to knock them right into the following galaxy ~ above kurosawa following galaxy. Us re going come knock them all the means to abel one eight three five our 1915. The galaxy the furthest from planet is whatever the point is we re going come win. Mindful you know i have actually a sensitive sternum.

This is stupid lemon that s a institution requirement. You community company you need to pick something native this list. What s wrong hope people. We re puttin that not every little thing in life is fun.

including this conversation. Look. Ns m signed increase to aid in the playroom. Oh.

I do not play i ll perform that my surname is no playing that s miscellaneous take treatment of the passengers youngsters yeah. Wait friend mean have to hang out v a bunch that cebu greet you late best don t problem it ll it is in easy. Ns m an excellent at babysitting back in kettle corn. I offered to take care of this kid named ellie mae.

Mushiya. Neighbor no argo oh big change on who s digital profile five you uncover out my tenth friend dual digit baby yeah. The s nice the your grandma will only welcomed your girlfriend request actually it was my mom nana tho pending. No.

ns m talking about maya s web page looks choose she simply updated her status to in a partnership you know this way ak. Yeah. She s really right into me deserve to you blame her no it method you acquired to adjust your condition to and also well your entirety life no. I do not i already got maya.

that s smooth sailing from right here oh smooth sailing similar to a titanic you have no idea exactly how much work-related it take away to maintain a connection with a girl. I asked what job-related well they constantly make you put them first suddenly. What you want does not matter anymore when we started dating baby maybe sign up with her stupid quilting circle. You were in that prior to she was everything my point is in reality didn t you start the cooking.


My suggest is girlfriend re gonna have to start making alters my friend no no no i m gonna change for anybody possibly maya that man cody know about women so the he s a pedicure far from gift one. Therefore does this average you re no going to readjust your status to in a relationship. No means maya shame. Shows.

don t mean. I have to adjust a moment. Isaac go you take place to an alert my standing of course. Ns did therefore so quite of you to execute that and and ns was just around to change mind.

yet i want to view your face when i did it. Five yeah you watch that s a face. We do not hold your north pal. Ns just obtained a girlfriend request from a mildred sink nana perfect hello kid.

ns m bailey and also i m really glad to accomplish you beautiful miss no damaged german to be displaying lion tamer isn t she funny funner than your lame be affected by each other shirt. Yes. In reality sally. There s no such word as butter plainly not in your human being well grandma so us played the astronaut look at the playhouse vocabulary flashcards here s a vocabulary word because that you sorry almost his space insanely boring.

So i m obtaining the arsenal ready for friday night. I ve obtained flu video game raised pulsar bazookas black death look what i got a brand-new camouflage bag hankie ooh. What are you increased on the camouflage tops from actually the best i just haven t washed them in a month or therefore oh. Ns think yes you do i told girlfriend what go she need now.

She is coming up to the skydeck through a surprised for me you see she walk stuff for me hi ago hello. So. What s my surprised you re looking in ~ it is the invisible. You median you don t an alert anything different about me as soon as i carry out i notice that water over there you have actually hair hair.

You have actually done other yeah. I don t know the technical term. However i recognize that it renders you even an ext incredibly beautiful 보다 you were prior to oh girlfriend re some sweet huh. Yeah.

friend re welcome by the way she had her split ends trimmed a hot oil treatment and also subtle caramel highlights congratulations you ve winner from extreme warrior to excessive hairdresser. Give thanks to you because that sharing the huge booker friend pulls out of her nose and yes the does look a small bit prefer santa okay. Yes. Maximus you re here.

Miss. London. Has actually a special chair come show all of you five well hear to bas. Miss out on one cave something yes, really funny haley s blue check out the strength on this thing.

i think there s a diva running about somewhere v no clothes on since milele space so low. Okay small hands top top the complimentary that means three o clock. Therefore here. Time is end oh.


Sue. Me sad. Due to the fact that now. That s time for miss out on bailey to teach friend all about one of the most fun points in the whole world.

Wow. Girlfriend re making me miss out on that kids. Santa booger. No it can not be fun and here to prove it one of my favourite math friends boys and also girl meet an excellent breeziness.

What s a cheat in project this one in leipzig 1546 200. The binary device of arithmetic. I need okay i reflected that hey that son s gonna litter a block alright prepared for pricey grass great i ll get the toothpicks and also cotton balls we have the right to make part awesome 3d molecules fun right gain the sparkle this is butter yo captain all set to lead united state to success you bet by now tomorrow night. We will be dancing on off the extraterrestrial guts the reminds me i have to be my camouflage traction lady you know it s just washing wear.

yet it never ever really is mr. Moseby. I i i found it you haven t welcomed my girlfriend request. Yet region s.

It we re friends ashlyn that s choose the finest news. Ever. Ns ve been invite to read among my poems that poet blows up well. The s wonderful you know i love poetry and also two losses.

really you favorite poet from us dickinson wordsworth. I m an ext of a seuss fan especially throughout his environment-friendly egg speery. Therefore you room going come be there to assistance me best are friend kidding wild equines couldn t drag me away great it s morning my episodic a day see friend there morning away. In ~ 8 00.

over there s her camouflage because that tomorrow. In ~ 8 00. You had a dry clean yeah. It states washing where.

yet it never really is look around tomorrow night. If a o clock. A hard starter can be sold later on like tents employees. And what castle should understand we can not change.

The toilet. Wait a minute wait a minute this is around maya. She asked you to adjust something didn t she no she didn t so she didn t ask friend to do anything bad. No.

This has nothing to do with maya. And also she s entirely okay with you going to men night tomorrow. Yes okay. Well i guess i owe you an apology.


Seems prefer you ve got this totality relationship thing. Under control yes. I perform no i do not get escape of that glitter. We save finding the everywhere.

Wow. Your ears. More sparkly than your personality. So prepared for another day that playing with the kids.

ns was thinking we d start by playing pin the tail. No bailey. I think ns ll happen it does hate me not simply the great guess i ll just have actually to give up my dream of gift a teacher and a pediatrician and a mommy this is the component where girlfriend re claimed to tell me i m dorn why right an excellent what space you gonna longer the kid so fine hmm. I do not know solar says about the mind of a 6 year old therefore uh girlfriend re an initial up right.

No very first up is the haiku then the quatrain to be the limericks oh three my favorite bands. Silly you understand those space all types of poetry. Yeah thanks again so much for being right here to support me certain no. Yet i am right here for you acquired a solitary the wheels on the limo walk well.

healthier round and also round for certain we re all sure really ns m thirsty have the right to you open up my juice crate guess no it s doing building hey you can t you check out i obtain a much better review. You are you andy. Ns am not ugly your wings or other grosser that s not among it that children making a boom boom. I stand corrected.

we re hungry gain her snap acquire your an individual chef to perform it. Thank. You did does it is in quite tiny bags of snot. You still love me.

don t you go 3d young beanie. Ns love you much more than squeezes yup. I median hello all right you guys ready all set it s her 15 minutes so late you let go the pregame pilate i ll make it through wait i don t want any type of makeup dude. The s tradition and also hide my vest it s starting.

the s starting time allow s acquire out come be on your fully on the old wait can not fix all ideal all ideal zack lead us to victory. Okay. Tony moves. Me at me her anti gravity boots and hop over the ask for it dosent indigenous the real.

What do i do desert start. Waving your hands. Quiet blast me out of the sky just take one for the team all right what we do now i don t know why you men weather cabin gonna think of mine own males why perform i always say about pregame party where have you been i missed. Ns m sorry there was this large line in the guys s room the went all the means around the ship twice.

What s on your challenge excitement. And also now mine event. Oh you re friend re up can i walk up there online. Mine life no one s have arrived prior to that s mine girlfriend he looks in ~ me with loving eyes.


I understand he ll never ever tell me live. I understand i ll never ever grieve come from my side. That ll never ever leave what are you going through london this doghouse. I recognize your makeup ingredient hey hey this time i got verdun wow.

four wonders stupid fun talk come in handy. Permit s perform it. Again. They say.

climate he desires to it is in pom. Tight and branded with non toxic burgers on mine mark. 3 two one reminder. Why room you wearing a tie due to the fact that a us win.

and also i wanted to look good for the team photo. Every in every is we it s okay. Ns ve obtained a chest protector. Oh.

but there goes my shoulder. I ll go acquire the nurse. Now would it is in a great time for a lot more kind the lies. The s what s going on isn t it ns ll be if the s a hero.

He simply led us to can be fried invader status. Really five well i was thinking of transforming my condition to earlier to single and by the way. I got a was standing ovation at the poetry reading. However you wouldn t recognize that because you weren t there sobbing look maya.

i really wanted to be there for you what types of championships. Ns m the captain amagai s required me why didn t you just tell me the yeah bag what space you simply taylor what space you fear of her girlfriend yourself zach watch just due to the fact that we re in a relationship does not mean i suppose you to give up your friends louie. Yes, really you re not simply trying come trick me by saying. Something you think you need to say.

but really don t mean you yes, really are start to get this small relationship. Saying aren t girlfriend look i m no saying there won t be times. I want you to myself that i favor you and you wouldn t be you if you didn t want to hang out with the males oh. For this reason what friend re saying is you like me because that me.

and i do not have to adjust so friend could change your shirt. As soon as in a when is the decent because that you do not i love this game. Offer me a couple oh hey there tiny misty are you males cool with the girl crashing guys night lock ll let friend in diddly completely broken beaten under at the hand of one more my love let storm go into my an extremely own brother sometimes i feel like he is cannon fodder while ns sleep. He puts my hand in warm water feeling.

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It i tell you we can get all the balls week. ” ..


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