Course five in Super Mario 64 adds one more classic Mario trope to the game - a good big ghost residence in the best Super Mario human being tradition.

To accessibility this course, you don"t simply jump through a painting: you"ll need to go through the an initial set of wood doors in the castle lobby, then follow the Boo with to a courtyard. And the well known L is actual plaque, you"ll find boos here. You loss them by gaining behind them and punching them. One of the Boos will have a bird cage inside it. Defeat that Boo then approach the bird cage to it is in transported to Big Boo"s Haunt, aka level five.

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Big Boo"s Haunt Star 1: go on a Ghost Hunt

Enter the main house. Her mission is simple - you have to go through every one of the rooms the the haunted mansion and defeat every the Boos. Every time you loss a Boo, you"ll her a voice telling you ghost don"t die, yet keep in ~ it. As soon as you defeat all five, large Boo will spawn in the lobby the the mansion. You"ll need to fight large Boo, and also then a star will show up on the 2nd floor, finish with part handy stairs to reach it. Easy!

Big Boo"s Haunt Star 2: Ride big Boo"s Merry-Go-Round

There"s a smaller structure near the mansion. Take it a lift under to the basement (you can likewise reach this by falling into a pit in the mansion proper) - down here you"ll discover a Merry-Go Round. It"ll rotate while Boos Spawn about you. Defeat five Boos, and then big Boo return again - loss it the exact same as before in order to acquire the star. Watch the end for the fire that is spat in ~ you as an extra obstacle!

Big Boo"s Haunt Star 3: mystery of the Haunted Books

Head come the 2nd floor of the mansion lobby, climate head come the left next of the room and take the right-hand door. This is the library, and books will assault you. Prevent them and head v to where there room three publications are hanging the end of the bookcase. You need to punch and also kick these earlier into place, but in a strict order, a lot prefer the chests you open up in Jolly i get it Bay. Struggle the books back in place in this order: top/center, bottom/right, middle/left. A secret passageway to the star will certainly open.

Once Mario get the second floor that the Foyer, he must take the best hand door ~ above the left next of the room. This will lead him right into a little library. Together Mario heads about the library, little books shoot out themselves indigenous the shelves; these will certainly injure him if not avoided, and are not to be confused with the books with teeth that assault Mario in other rooms. As soon as the plumber has actually rounded the corner, that will involved a wall surface with three publications jutting out of the wall. If Mario punches or kicks them in the appropriate order, the wall will move away revealing a door. If he access time the books in an not correct order, a tiny book will strike him and the publications will reset. As soon as he enters through the door, that will have the ability to claim this mission"s strength Star. The correct order would be top, bottom and middle (or center, right, left).

Big Boo"s Haunt Star 4: seek the 8 Red Coins

All of the big Boo"s Haunt red coins are found within the mansion, scattered throughout the 2 floors:

Behind the terrifying own piano enemy.In the next room on indigenous the piano room, there"s a coin on peak of the bookcase.Also on optimal of the bookcases in the very same room as red coin 2.Through the next door in the lobby (ground floor, peak left), wall kick up to the grate in the ceiling to uncover it.Behind the bottom appropriate lobby door, top top a platform, guarded by a boo.In the second floor room v the moving coffins, hidden under one.Hidden under one more coffin in the exact same room together red coin 6.In the room top top the far right that upstairs - straightforward to get.Big Boo"s Haunt Star 5: big Boo"s Balcony

Head maximum floor in the mansion and also go v the much door ~ above the right. There"s a ledge right here you have actually to wall surface kick up to. Get up there, head v the door and also then with the twin doors come the balcony. Defeat big Boo when again up here and also grab you yourself the star. It"s ~ above the roof, and also that can be difficult to acquire to - long jumps will certainly be her friend here. It can take a couple of tries.

Big Boo"s Haunt Star 6: Eye come Eye in the an enig Room

On the 2nd floor of the mansion, go through the furthest appropriate door again. Head with the doors to where there"s an invisibility/vanish lid in a blue box (if you"ve unlocked it). Take it and then run ago to that room, flipping up to the hidden ledge we provided to with the critical star. In the attic where the double doors come the balcony are, there"s a painting of a Boo. V the vanish cap equipped, you have the right to walk v this painting to discover a an enig room. There"s a large eye adversary here. Loss it through making that dizzy, and also the strength star appears.

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Big Boo"s Haunt Star 7: collect 100 Coins

Big Boo"s Haunt only has 21 yellow coins, so adversaries become vital - there"s 21 blue coins inside details enemies, plus the red coins. There"s over 150 coins complete in the stage, so that shouldn"t it is in too tough to gain the 100 coin star.