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Soul is something the is under appreciated in our civilization of music today. I"m no talking around soul music necessarily, despite I often wonder what occurred to D"Angelo, but really simply singers through a many soul and also power in your music. Ns think we have actually a few solid soulful singers prefer Ray Lamontagne and also Adele, but we can always use a little much more soul in our lives I think.Amos Lee has actually soul. He is a talented singer songwriter indigenous the Philadelphia area that has had actually the chance to tour with some an excellent musicians like Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, and Norah Jones to surname a few. Lee has released number of album"s because his self-titled debut in 2005, despite none have discovered the same form of commercial success that his first album experienced. This January Lee will release one album referred to as "Mission Bell" that will feature famous musicians such as Willie Nelson, Sam Beam, and also the tape Calexico.So i heard this song today that had a tiny soul and sounded really familiar. I knew that I well-known the voice, and the song was on a advertisement so ns did a tiny research and i discovered the song "Sweat Pea" through Amos Lee.
This is a really nice straightforward song that attributes some light guitar work-related by Lee and also some wonderful singing. The straightforward lyrics placed this idea and also thought in mine mind that the straightforward life is the way to go. (slight interuption, ns am sitting in Starbucks, and also I just looked out the home window to the ideal for a minute to listen to the song and also think about what come write, and there is a sign in the home window that states "When I give gifts, I always get much more in return." that sounds nice, but there is an owl or some other kind that bird winking in ~ me underneath the saying, and also I have no idea what the is intend to be every about...but i digress from think on the an easy life) The song carries this idea that everything is back at house (a girl, a child, a beloved pet, or a nice chair, who knows) is enough to keep him obtaining through his days and coming residence at night happy.

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It would be great to live life with that sort of simplicity and also joy instead of letting a many of tiny things in life gain to you and also rob you of happiness. Stay classy...and simple.This video is from a world Cafe performance, the a good listen, however the video isn"t great.