my manager recently asked me "How room you doing? whatever OK?". Ns felt happy the he request me the question, and also felt the he was really concerned around me. I was act well. So i told the that and also followed it up through "Thanks for asking." go the statement "Thanks for asking" sound crude (kind of prefer I don"t must tell you)? Is over there a much better way come express the expression or have the right to you use your feelings to prove just how you feel?



I uncover this to be a fairly common exchange in customer organization (CS) instances (cashiers, waiters, telemarketers, and also the like) this days:

CS: Hello, just how are you doing today?

Me: Good, thanks, and you?

CS: I"m doing great, give thanks to you because that asking!

Apparently, the phrase "thank you for asking" is thought about the height of customer service etiquette now.

So not only is saying, "thank you for asking" no rude, it"s a kind of politeness that"s scripted regularly into customer company interactions.

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I"d rather location it among ironical phrases, v rudeness plan or no intended:

— loan me a grand, dude?

— No together money ~ above me, pal, yet thanks because that asking.


— i seem to have actually scratched your vehicle a bit while trying come park… are you okay?

— Well, no exactly, however thanks because that asking.

If the person you"re talking to doesn"t expect any irony, I"d imply that you select some other comparable phrase with no potential an adverse connotations.

As come the much better way that expressing her gratitude, i think thank you very much "I"m glad that you"ve inquiry me" will serve the best. Keep in mind that the brevity is your adversary here: also "Thank you for asking" will certainly be a fitter an option than "Thanks because that asking".

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I can"t imagine a rude expression containing thank you but that is not so important. In dental conversations many of the politeness lays in the contexts.

If you want to answer much more formally girlfriend should have used something like Thank you because that being concerned, It is really very nice the you to ask me.

If that was much more informal you have the right to use part slang- Thanks i am mighty good boss, I am emotion OK choose fish in the ocean, I to be pleased together a punch today.

It is OK to use Thank you for asking, the is informal. The expression is not carrying any type of negative meaning BUT in my humble opinion it is an extremely plain boring answer. Well trying come be social you can ask back: How about you boss ? and also carry ~ above a additional conversation.

As others have said, when spoken sincerely it"s a perfectly fine point to say. However if you"re worried the you will certainly be mistaken for insincere, then there are other phrases favor "thanks for your interest" or "thank you because that taking the time to ask" that would certainly seem much less flip.

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