The essential questions of the lesson No. 7 book 1 the English first year because that KPK board are given below. These room English book 1 inquiries answers notes because that kpk board and federal board. You have the right to learn the questions below. These space exercise questions and also extra questions yet the questions answers are important from the examination suggest of view. Research Pak has published lot content for KPK board and also Federal board students.

Book 1 The blanket inquiries answers kpk board

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Questions answers of The blanket by Floyd Dell

Q.1. What do Peter and also Granddad talk about when the story begins?Ans:
as soon as the story begins, Peter and Granddad talk about the blanket Peter"s father had lugged for the Grandad as a going-away gift. Granddad praised the blanket and also praised Peter"s father that had given him together a pretty gift. Peter knows that Granddad is simply making is much easier to leave. (50 words)
Q.2. That is providing the blanket as a gift come whom? Why is the blanket referred to as a going-away gift?Ans: Peter"s dad is offering the blanket together a going-away gift to Peter"s granddad. Peter"s granddad is going far from home to live at an old home. As the blanket is a gift Peter"s dad giving to his granddad ~ above his walk away, that"s why the ceiling is called a going far gift. (52 words)
Q.3. Why is Peter"s dad sending out Granddad away and where to?Ans: Peter"s dad is sick of maintaining his granddad at residence listening about his backaches and also pains. Moreover, Peter"s dad is going to marry a young beautiful girl. Moreover, granddad is all set to leaving the residence for the pleasure of Peter"s father. He will certainly go come an old home. (48 words)
Q.4. Why does Peter"s dad obtain angry v the girl the is going to marry?Ans: Peter"s father desires to offer his dad the finest going-away gift. For this reason he offers him a nice double blanket. As soon as the girl pertains to know around this costly dual blanket. She objects on providing such an expensive point to the Granddad. Peter"s dad does not favor her attitude and also gets angry. (51 words)
Q.5. Why does Peter ask his dad to cut the blanket in two?Ans: Peter does not prefer sending his Granddad walk away. That asks his father to reduced the blanket in two as a single blanket will be enough for an old man. He desires to store the other fifty percent to offer to his father once he will be sending out him away once he i do not care old. (53 words)
Q.6. Why carry out all 3 - Peter, dad, and granddad - cry in ~ the finish of the story?Ans: every cry at the end of the story since Peter renders his father realize his negative act of sending the Granddad away. His granddad cries since he even did not want to leave. Peter sheds the tears of happiness due to the fact that his granddad was no going away. (46 words)
Q.7. What is the message/lesson that the story "The blanket"?Ans: The story offers us a message as friend sow, for this reason shall you reap. If Peter"s father sends his granddad away, Peter will send his father away as soon as he old. The story tells that we have to take care of our elders. We must not permit them be on the mercy of others. (51 words)
Q.8. What sort of boy is Peter? OR compose a note on Peter.Ans: Pete is a sensitive young of 11 years. Relationships average to that a lot. He had actually an attachments to his granddad. That Becomes very sad when he pertains to know the his father is sending away his granddad. He finally saves a family from breaking with his wisdom. (48 words)

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Q.9. What sort of human is peter"s father?Ans: Peter"s father is a selfish man. That is all set to send his dad away just for the services of his girlfriend. In ~ the exact same time, he has actually a an excellent man in his inner. That dislikes his brand-new wife"s attitude towards his father. He does not protect against the leave girl. (49 words)Relevant Posts: