a combining type with the interpretations “blood clot,” “coagulation,” “thrombin,” offered in the formation of compound words: thrombocyte.

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throes, thrombase, thrombasthenia, thrombectomy, thrombin, thrombo-, thromboangiitis, thromboangiitis obliterans, thromboarteritis, thromboclasis, thrombocyst

Thrombo- is a combining form used favor a prefix an interpretation “blood clot,” “coagulation,” and “thrombin.” Thrombin is one enzyme in blood plasma that causes the coagulation of blood. Thrombo- is regularly used in medical terms, specifically in pathology.

Thrombo- comes from the Greek thrómbos, definition “clot, lump.”

What room variants that thrombo-?

When linked with words or word elements that begin with a vowel, thrombo- i do not care thromb-, together in thrombasthenia.

One example of a medical term that functions the combining form thrombo- is thrombophilia, a disorder in i m sorry a person has an increased tendency to obtain thrombosis, or blood clotting in the circulatory system.

As we have learned, thrombo– method “blood clot.” The second half of the word, -philia, might also look familiar. It way “unnatural attraction, tendency,” indigenous the Greek philía “friendship, affinity.” Thrombophilia literally converts to “tendency because that blood clots.”

What room some words that use the combining type thrombo-?

What are some other develops that thrombo- may be frequently confused with?

Break the down!

Platelets are a form of blood cell that is important for clotting blood. The combining form -cyte is supplied in clinical terms to mean “cell.”

With the interpretations of thrombo- and also -cyte in mind, what is one more term for platelet?

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sometimes before a vowel thromb-

combining form
indicating a blood clotthromboembolism

Word origin for thrombo-

from Greek thrombos lump, clot

Medical definitions for thrombo-


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Blood clot; blood clotting:thromboplastin.


curlicuenoun | SEE DEFINITION
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