The quick story “The Devil and Tom Walker” is a dark and eerie story of a man’s unhealthy obsession that leads him to make a resolve the Devil. Although that believes that can readjust his fate by repenting his sins, in the end, the adversary takes his due.






A Quick an overview of “The Devil and also Tom Walker” by Washington Irving

Tom Walker and his wife room miserly and bitter in the direction of each others. The couple even goes as much as hiding money from every other. Sooner or later Tom bring away a shortcut through a swamp to obtain home. While relaxing his employee hits a other on the ground. Together Tom unearths it, he realizes it is a skull with an Indian tomahawk cut it down the middle. A gruff voice says, “Let the skull alone!” Perplexed the someone could technique without his knowledge, that asks the man"s identity. Tom soon finds the end that that is speaking v the adversary himself.

The adversary takes a liking to Tom, and also tells him about a hidden treasure he may have if the agrees to make a pact with him. Reluctant, Tom returns house to top his mam on the matter. After speaking with her, the finds self disinclined come agree with her, especially due to the fact that she to be urging him to bargain away his soul.

Upset v her husband, Tom"s mam leaves the house with all your possessions to make a pact with “Old Scratch” herself. Three days pass, and Tom pipeline to discover her. As soon as he endeavors to the swamp, he sees her apron hanging in a tree. However, all the is left inside is a heart and also a liver. Indifferent to his wife"s obvious death, Tom looks for out the Devil and also agrees come the pact. As component of the conditions, Tom is compelled to used the pirate gold because that nefarious business. After lot debate, that agrees to start a organization as a usurer, a moneylender.

Years go buy, and also Tom has actually been made affluent by squeezing the money the end of his debtors. Together time progress, he starts to feel choked by the cheap he struck. Worrying about the top quality of his following life, he starts fervently attending church and also repenting his sins. That seems an extremely devout, also reading his Bible between business transactions.

One day, a debtor concerned plead through Tom not to foreclose top top his land, crying the he would be forced on the church, reasoning that Tom has actually made his money turn off of him. Tom replies: “The evil one take me if I have made a farthing!" There are three loud knocks in ~ the door. Tom realizes he has actually left his scriptures on his desk, and he is lugged off through the Devil and also they disappear in a speed of lightning.

Essential questions for “The Devil and Tom Walker”

How much would girlfriend go, or what price would certainly you pay, to achieve what friend want? What room some things in life the you cannot take back? just how do great authors use suspense and also imagery in their writing?

Other Lesson plan & Ideas

Use storyboards the show details cause and also effects of events in the story. By just depicting the rising action, create a storyboard demonstrating just how the writer built suspense.

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