class HelloWorld public static void main(String<> args) System.out.println("Hello, World!"); In the above example we room using the println an approach without importing the parcel of it. So I desire to know: What space the packages or classes consisted of automatically?

Everything in java.lang is imported through default - right here you space using java.lang.System and java.lang.String


There are two packages imported through default:

java.langThe package in i beg your pardon the current course is situated (in the instance of the over code, this is ostensibly the default package, from which girlfriend can"t otherwise import explicitly).

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From the language spec:

Code in a compilation unit instantly has access to all varieties declared in its package and also automatically imports every one of the public species declared in the predefined parcel java.lang.

So, you just have accessibility to public types in java.lang, however you have access to every top-level varieties in the present package.

But it"s vital to note that Java packages aren"t hierarchical, despite the appearance, so this means that e.g. Java.lang.reflect is not additionally imported immediately because of java.lang being imported.

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In every java class, java.lang is imported through default.

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Apart native this, parcel (namely non-private classes of the package) you"re having your class in, is likewise available/visible to your class, unless you have your class in a default package, which is if you have actually your course without package definition.

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