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This page defines a means to introduce to a child how to find words in the dictionary. That is a quick lesson that need to be recurring as often as necessary due to the fact that this is an important skill. The child needs to understand this skill.

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Prerequisite to making use of the Lessons

The boy should have mastered arranging native in alphabetical order approximately the second letter. Before that, make certain that you usage a dictionary in front of your young kids so the the thesaurus is familiar to them.

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Age Level - Skills

I have no solid age level recommendation. Instead, monitor the follow of an abilities that your kids have presently. Skills listed in bespeak below:

can recite the alphabet have the right to arrange letter in alphabetical order have the right to read deserve to place native in alphabet order up to 2nd word have the right to use the lessons on this page


Introducing The Dictionary

By the time your child has actually mastered alphabetizing to the 2nd letter, you should carry the thesaurus into some of your weekly lessons. The is not crucial to to buy a children"s thesaurus for this, alternately, the does no hurt to use one either. Girlfriend might already have a an excellent dictionary at her home. If you execute not have a good dictionary then get one. The dictionary can be either paperback or hardback. If you have the means, try to get a paperback dictionary for every child. (Tip: When selecting a paperback dictionary, open it and look at the print to make certain that that is printed well rather of having actually smudgy letters.)

You must go end the parts of the thesaurus every time you use it for the an initial 5 or 6 times. In ~ the begin of each year, you might need to reintroduce the components of the dictionary to young children. The components vary by dictionary, however, the standard parts are the joint guide, the word mark-up (where words is separated into syllables and also marked-up v pronunciation marks), and also the grammar abbreviation for the words and what it all means.

One way to introduce the Dictionary

Start by having the child open the thesaurus in the middle and also be sure to say, "Open your thesaurus in the middle." Ask him what letter the words start with on the web page that the opened. Have actually him nearby the book and open it several times in the middle of the book. This is just to display him the he does not begin at the beginning of the dictionary to discover a word that starts v T. Other times have actually him open up the thesaurus in the front or near the earlier and carry out the same "What letter does the words start with" each time.

Ask him to discover the native that start with k (or whichever letter is just before the ones in the middle of his dictionary). Clock how conveniently he finds the section and if he has trouble, save doing this letter-section-finding for several days till he understands how to discover the ar for any type of of the letters. Because that instance, if you ask the to uncover v words, he have to start near the ago of the dictionary instead that the front or the middle.

Introducing guide Words

Once her child has actually opened his dictionary lots the times and can uncover words from any type of letter in the alphabet that is time to explain guide words.

Have your kid to open up his thesaurus on any type of page near the middle. Ask the if there space two native on the very top of the page. If your boy can find these words, tell him what lock are, if that can"t display him the words and also tell him that they are guide words. Tell the that guide words. Phone call the an initial word and the last word ~ above that page (or two web page spread, part dictionaries differ) and also that the native on the page will it is in in between the guide words. In alphabet order. The overview words. Room there to aid them situate the indigenous quickly.

*Guide words can be an extremely confusing come a child. Be patient and, once needed, explain what castle are throughout each lesson that you teach around guide words.

Sit down v your children and with a dictionary and show the children the overview words. Suggest them out and tell your boy that the guide words phone call the very first word and the critical word ~ above each page (or two web page spread, part dictionaries differ). Phone call them that the native on the web page will it is in in in between the overview words and also in alphabet order. The function of the guide words is to help them discover a word much more quickly.

The guide words room red in the instance below. The an initial and critical words are highlighted in yellow Example of Two thesaurus Pages

braid · bread braid mind bramble bran branch brand brass brave braze bread

page 1 breadth · bridge breadth breaker bream breath breech
breed breeze brew briar bridge
web page 2 using a dictionary, have the kids find any type of word, this does not have to be a particular word. Then have actually the children tell girlfriend what the overview words. Room on the page. Ask the kids to placed the two guide words and also the native they found in alphabetical order. Because that example: (What you could say is in red) discover a indigenous in her dictionary. The child finds words brain. What are the overview words on that page? son says: braid and also bread. Please placed brain, braid and bread in alphabet order. kid does. call me the words in alphabet order boy says: braid, brain, and bread. friend can continue this by explaining that all of the native on the braid/bread web page will loss in between the two guide words, yet I have always found the this is a confusing ide to the child at first.

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After, or follow me With, Teaching dictionary Skills

Introduce the following: how to usage the Encyclopedia if you have actually one, how to usage the Thesaurus, and How to usage the call Book.

Using the Thesaurus to refine Vocabulary

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