The house of dies Drear through Virginia Hamilton

The home of die Drear is a novel by Virginia Hamilton around Thomas Small, an afri American boy who moves right into a new home the was formerly a component of the underground Railroad. Many think that the house"s caretaker, Mr. Pluto, is the devil. Soon, strange and also mysterious things begin to happen in the residence after the Smalls move in. Their next door neighbors, the Darrows, act hostilely towards them and they eventually learn the the Darrows room trying to recover treasure from the Underground railroad tunnel.

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The house of dies Drear book Summary

Table of components

Thomas little is a 13-year-old boy, moving with his family from phibìc Carolina come Ohio. His father is a background professor who has actually leased the historical home of the abolitionist dies Drear. The house has actually been largely empty because that years, and is riddled with surprise passageways the were supplied to hide escaping slaves on the secret Railroad. An elderly caretaker called Mr. Pluto lives in a cave on the property, which he has converted into a home. There room rumors that the home is haunted by the ghosts of two escaped slaves who to be captured and also killed, and by the ghost of die Drear himself.

Upon arriving, the Smalls discover that Mr. Pluto has already arranged your furniture for them. Thomas meets a boy (Mac Darrow) and also his adopted sister (“Pesty”), that regard him together an outsider and don’t warn him around the drop into a hidden passage under the house. Thomas gets shed inside it and also hears strange sounds together he scrambles to uncover a method out. Finally he hears his mother talking and pounds on a i wall, which opens up right into the house. His father warns him no to go trying out the passages, together they might cavern in. His parental don’t think that anyone was in the passages with him, but remove the mechanisms that open the passage just in case.

Thomas explores exterior the residence near dark, and also accidentally strays throughout the cave Mr. Pluto has converted into his house. Mr. Pluto terrifies Thomas and also catches him, unusually strong and rapid for such an old man, and also chases him ago to the house. Pluto apologizes after the realizes thomas is not one of the local children, that he says often sneak around his house to torment him. He delivers an ominous warning around haunting in the area prior to he leaves. Cutting board is details that Pluto is hiding something.Thomas decides come sleep on the couch quite than in his new bed room, so the he can see if anyone philosophies the door. Throughout the night, who sneaks right into the home through a an enig passage and hides a little metal triangle in the door frame of each of the 3 bedrooms. The Smalls uncover them in the morning, unsure what they mean, though they recognize they form an incomplete square through a greek cross inside as soon as put together.

When the Smalls attend the neighborhood black church, they room met v a cool agree by the small-town families. Mac Darrow, his father, and his 3 elder brothers are existing and an especially cold. Mr. Pluto attends and also Pesty sits with him, together Pesty is just one of the only world Mr. Pluto is trusted with. During the sermon, Mr. Pluto behaves oddly and even kneels ~ above the floor regardless of the protests of among the Darrows. Thomas is saddened through the unfriendliness that the neighborhood people, contrasting it with just how guests regularly visited his family after church in phibìc Carolina.

The family goes to lunch at Mr. Small’s new college, where Thomas and Mr. Tiny find a fourth triangle in Mr. Small"s brand-new office. They arrive house to uncover that the kitchen has actually been wrecked. Someone has made a mess of the food almost everywhere the floor, the counter, the sink, and the furniture. The dishes are all broken. Mr. Small, furious,suspects Mr. Pluto and also takes Thomas with him once he goes to challenge the caretaker. Mr. Pluto flees into the cave. While trying to find him, Thomas and his father uncover another an enig passage the leads deeper right into the cave. Right here they find Pesty and Mr. Pluto in a cavern complete of historic artwork, tapestries, glasswork, ledgers, and also carvings. The cavern is a constant, dried temperature that has actually preserved the pieces. Mr. Pluto is sit at an old and also fine desk, and begins to confess that is sorry because that trying come trick the Smalls and only walk it since he to be afraid. While talk to Mr. Pluto, lock areconfronted by a guy who looks as with him. Thomas assaults him in desperation, and also he reveals the is in reality Mr. Pluto’s son, Mayhew.

Mayhew is an actor, that returned residence from the city to assist his father safeguard the mystery of die Drear’s treasures in the cavern. Mr. Pluto has safeguarded the secret for years, however when he began to gain sick the worried the the Darrows would an alert and take advantage of his weakness. The Pluto that chased Thomas before was actually mayhew in disguise, explaining his strength and odd habits at the house.

The Darrow family members has been searching for Dies Drear"s repertoire for years. Mr. Pluto and Mr. Darrow’s father were both descendants of escaped slaves who had passed through Dies Drear’s house, and also later returned. Pesty followed Mr. Pluto within once, however has aided him store the secret instead of telling the Darrows. Mr. Pluto and Mayhew feared the the Smalls would be favor the Darrows and posea risk to the historic artefacts in the cavern, yet they currently see the Mr. Small has a an excellent appreciation for history and have the right to be trusted through the secret.

Mr. Small explains what taken place in the house. Mr. Pluto and also Mayhew speak it must have been the Darrows trying to journey the Smalls away, and Mayhew defines there is a i behind the parlor winter that leader onto the Darrow family’s land that they must have used to gain inside. Pesty has actually mentioned the Mac didn’t desire to acquire involved and also Mr. Darrow would not have done it, so it had to be the three older brothers.

Mayhew returns v the Smalls and also helps them clean up their kitchen. Together they hatch a setup to scare the Darrows away for good by pretending to be the ghosts of die Drear and also the escaped slaves. The following day, they collection a catch for the Darrows by informing them Mr. Pluto had actually to be sent to the hospital and also will be earlier in 24 hours. The original setup is come send Mr. Pluto to a hospital for real, as Mayhew problems for his father’s health, but he refuses come go. Mr. Pluto agrees to view a medical professional later, however only if that is permitted a component in scaring the Darrow boys. Mr. Pluto also explains the triangle the Darrows hid to fear the Smalls, which are part of a navigation an approach that was used to overview escaped servants to areas ofsafety follow me the secret Railroad.

The men prepare, and also lay out in the woodland to wait. As soon as the Darrows come at Mr. Pluto’s cave in the middle of the night, he confronts them. Mr. Small, Thomas, and also Mayhew menace lock while dressed as ghosts, and also Pesty has actually used glowing repaint to make among Mr. Pluto’s equines look prefer a spectre. The Darrows flee in terror, though there is no doubt they will realize the was every fakelater. Your pride is sufficiently hurt.

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After the Darrows are thrust off, Mr. Small takes to helping Mr. Pluto catalogue the artefacts in the cavern. They agree to store the secret, at the very least until that is done and it is all set to display to the historic society. Cutting board looks forward to starting school and also making friends, possibly including young Mac Darrow.