Quickly see summary of a patient"s account or access detailed information around individual transactions, pending, and also account background in the stclairdrake.net patient Ledger.

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Specify exactly how you desire the ledger to display transactions:

Filter transactions through date range and/or transaction type. List transactions chronologically or team by claim, visit, or statement. Watch aged balance for insurance and patient sections for every incident and for all incidents combined. View balance details for other members in the patient"s household, and also a complete balance because that the entire family.


View info pertaining come a patient"s account:

check out at a glance what type of transaction each heat represents: Transaction types are color-coded (e.g. Charges room pink, patience Payments are green, Debit adjustments space yellow, etc.). Each transaction form has its own abbreviation (e.g. Charge=C, insurance Write-Off=IWO, etc.). See exactly which portions of a patience or insurance payment were applied to which charges and also which sections of the payment room still unapplied. Accessibility a legend for deciphering colors and also abbreviations that show up in the patient Ledger Transaction form cell. check out details around debits: Posting date, dealing with provider, fee code, CPT modifiers, CPT translations, Billing status, amount charged, full insurance pending amount, and Amount still come pay check out details around credits: Posting date, Payment, Write-off, credit transaction adjustment type, and credit adjustment amount see a patient"s running balance and how every debit or credit affects the balance.

watch pending details for separation, personal, instance charges, because that the incident as a whole, and also for the patient as a entirety (across incidents):

Pending amounts by transaction and by insurance allowance plan, and deductible details for each arrangement current to the incident. Details regarding how stclairdrake.net calculate the existing pending amount for each charge, including mathematical calculations based upon the patient"s coverage type. Pending eligibility for each transaction, consisting of reason(s) because that ineligibility (e.g. The transport has already paid, the provider or transport does not accept assignments, the incident does not allow claim processing, etc.).

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edit transactions the have currently been posted. Relocate a transaction come a different patient"s document or to a various incident in ~ the same patient"s record. Void or delete transactions, as well as child transactions attached to them (if friend void a payment, because that example, all applied credits from that payment will be voided together well). Check out a perform of every Dx codes that have ever before been post to a patient"s file. See a patient"s audit history, which displays every transaction in the patient"s document that has ever been turned off or modified.