The invisible, gaseous kind of water.

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GROUNDWATERWater the fills the cracks and pores in underground soil and also rock layers.
WATER CYCLEThe continuous process through which water moves from Earth's surface ar to the atmosphere and also back, passing through the living and nonliving parts of the environment.
EVAPORATIONThe procedure by which molecules at the surface ar of a liquid, such as water, absorb enough power to readjust to a gaseous state, such together water vapor.
TRANSPIRATIONThe process by i m sorry plants relax water vapors v their leaves.
PRECIPITATIONForms of water such as rain, snow, sleet, or hail that fall from clouds and reach Earth's surface.
IRRIGATIONThe process of offering water to locations of soil to do them suitable for farming crops.
PHOTOSYNTHESISThe process by i beg your pardon plants usage water, to add carbon dioxide and also energy indigenous the sun, to do food.
HABITATThe location where an biology lives and also that gives the things it demands to survive.
TRIBUTARYA stream that flows into a larger stream.
WATERSHEDThe floor area that offers water to a river system.
DIVIDEA ridge the land that separates one drainage container or watershed indigenous another.
LEVEEA lengthy ridge developed by deposits of sediments alongside a river channel.
RESERVOIRA organic of man-made lake that stores water for human use.
EUTROPHICATIONThe procedure by which nutrients in a lake construct up end time, causing boost in the development of algae.
PORESTiny openings in and also between corpuscle of rock and also soil that might contain air or water.
PERMEABLECharacteristic of materials such together sand and gravel that allow water come pass easily through them.
IMPERMEABLECharacteristic of products which water walk not conveniently pass, such together clay and also granite.
SATURATED ZONEA great of permeable absent or soil in i m sorry the cracks and also pores are completely filled v water.
WATER TABLEThe height of the saturation zone, or depth to the underground water in one aquifer.
UNSATURATED ZONEA great of rock and also soil above the water table in i beg your pardon the pores save air and water.
AQUIFERAn underground layer of absent or soil the holds water.
SPRINGA ar where groundwater balloon or flows the end of cracks in the rock.
RECHARGENew water the enters an aquifer native the surface.
ARTESIAN WELLA fine in i m sorry water rises because of pressure within the aquifer.

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WETLANDAn area of land that is covered with a shallow great of water throughout some or every one of the year.