Having students develop storyboards that show the cause and effect that different types of disputes strengthens analysis thinking around literary concepts. Have actually your college student choose an instance of each literary conflict and also depict them utilizing the storyboard creator. In the storyboard, an example of each conflict should it is in visually represented, along with an explanation the the scene, and also how that fits the certain category the conflict.

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Examples of Literary problem in The Red argorial of Courage


MAN vs. MANThe primary problem of the novel is the Union matches the Confederate forces. The fight depicted in the novel is thought to it is in modeled after the battle of Chancellorsville in brand-new York. While over there are numerous battles and skirmishes explained in the novel, the Union soldiers storming the Confederate host behind the farming fence is an especially poignant to present the battle between foes.


Henry is plagued by guilt and shame over his desertion that his comrades in battle, and also later his desertion the Jim Conklin and the tattered soldier in the woods. Once he is get rid of by these thoughts and emotions, that imagines the his other soldiers can see his shame. It reasons him come lash out in anger in ~ the rebels and even at Wilson.


The woods and landscape are both friend and foe to the soldiers top top the battlefield. On one hand, it gives shelter because that the Union forces throughout battle; ~ above the various other hand, it offers cover for the enemy during battle. As Henry retreats from his first battle into the woods, the imagines that the brush that is walking through is producing such a ruckus that everyone have the right to hear the walking far from battle. The feels betrayed by the woods, lot like exactly how he betrayed his regiment.

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Student Instructions

Create a storyboard that shows at the very least three forms of literary conflict in The Red badge of Courage.

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Identify problems in The Red argorial of Courage.Categorize each dispute as personality vs. Character, personality vs. Self, character vs. Society, personality vs. Nature, or Character vs. Technology.Illustrate conflicts in the cells, using characters from the story.Write a brief description of the conflict listed below the cell.

Grade Level 9-12