The struggle to be an All-American Girl starts out with Elizabeth Wong explicate a school. She tells about both she brother and also her dreaded going to she Chinese school and also the different atmospheres the the 2 schools. The Chinese college was favor a dusty old chest and the various other was choose the crate that a brand-new pair the shoes come in. Both hosted treasures yet she to be far much more interested in the new than what she feel to it is in old. While the Chinese school concentrated mainly top top language, she points out that every day began with a lesson in politeness. To Wong the language to be rough and also without beauty. She tells us of her grandmother’s method of speaking and also how it was embarrassing come her. She didn’t desire to be thought of as talking nonsense, hurried gibberish. Her brother appeared to feel the same way and the was an extremely hard ~ above his mother. He would certainly constantly exactly her also if she was in the center of talking and if that messed up it was blamed top top her. Wong reflects on her leave from the school, portraying it as an escape. She had actually multiple cultures influence she life but she was many proud that she was not a Chinese person yet an American. The critical sentence reveals that she regrets this.Sometimes we simply want to be favor everyone else however in giving up what provides us different we lose a part of ourselves whether the is where we came from, our interests, even what us look like.We all can relate come wanting to fit in. Even if it is it is because of ours roots, or our interests, we deserve to be tempted to readjust who we are to it is in accepted. “Every day in ~ 5 p.m., rather of playing v our fourth- and fifth- grade girlfriend or sneaking out to the north lot to hunt ghosts and also animal bones, my brother and I had actually to walk to Chinese school.” Wong not just didn’t want to walk to Chinese school since she felt that it was inferior and also a garbage of time, however it additionally was embarrassing come her. “The language was a source of embarrassment.” She didn’t want to be associated with the human being that occupied Chinatown. “I did not want to be believed of as mad, as talking gibberish.” Wong realized later that by maintaining the Chinese component of she distant, she lost out on a lot of cultural treasures. Among my friends had actually a finish personality readjust just since she wanted to right in with the renowned crowd. Offering up every little thing that identified her, she re-made herself into someone else. She lost herself to come to be a clone. Both mine friend and also Wong want to it is in an “All-American Girl”. By the moment Wong had accomplished this goal she establish what she had lost and regretted it. “At last, ns was one of you; ns wasn’t one of them. Sadly ns still am.” It isn’t a an excellent thing to give up that you space so that others will approve. Clearly if you room doing other wrong, climate that would be something friend would want to readjust but if the is her personality, who you are, her dreams, your hopes, what specifies you, nothing let the go. If you space Chinese (or everything race you might be a component of) don’t try to cut that component of you out of your life since it is piece of that you are. Wong brings this subject to irradiate in a highly descriptive, however subtle means that helps us take a look in ~ ourselves. Are we ignoring components of who we room to be just like everyone else? Is it precious it?

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