The site chosen for the Jamestown settlement included all of the adhering to EXCEPT

A. It to be low and swampy and also subject come outbreaks the malaria.

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B. It to be inland so regarding offer security from natives.

C. It bordered the areas of an effective Indian tribes.

it was surrounding by thick woods.

it was inaccessible by ship.

In London, the early promoters of james town encouraged homesteaders to emphasis on

A. The long-term success that the settlement.

B. Structure a family-centered community.

C. Arising peaceful relationships with the ind in the area.

the find for gold.

converting the regional Indians come Christianity.

Between 1608 and 1609, Captain john Smith strengthened the Jamestown negotiation by

A. Boosting relations v the regional Indians.

B. Dividing the decision-making authority amongst the homesteaders to improve morale.

C. Imposing work and order top top the colonists.

introducing tobacco to the colonists.

importing African slaves to rebuild the fort.

The “starving time” in Jamestown during the winter that 1609–1610 was partially the result of

A. Colonists being maintained barricaded in their palisade by neighborhood Indians.

B. The extermination the the indians who offered to flourish crops.

C. An influx of rats from settlers’ ships the ate lot of the stored grains.

a drought that led to crop failures.

the sinking of the colonists’ supply delivery in the Atlantic

The first important economic boom in james town resulted from

A. The exploration of gold and silver.

B. Fur trade v the Indians.

C. The production of tobacco.

a advance of fisheries and also lumber.

the cultivation of cotton

The growing of tobacco approximately Jamestown led to all the following EXCEPT

A. The quick wearing the end of the soil.

B. The find for brand-new sources of labor.

C. Increasing prosperity because that the colony.

improved connections with the neighborhood Indians.

the expansion of european settlement right into the interior.

The Virginia firm developed the “headright” mechanism to

A. Attract new settlers come the colony.

B. Discourage bad people from relocating to the colony.

C. Require families to migrate together.

raise revenue from the revenue of land.

cause conflict among the bordering Indian tribes.

Which the the complying with statements ideal characterizes the an initial years of Jamestown’s existence?

A. A bulk of its homesteaders enjoyed far-reaching economic success.

B. The settlement was often struck by Spanish invaders.

C. The negotiation was remarkable for its serene relations with neighborhood Indians.

The settlement was significant for its toleration of political freedom.

The settlement survived despite an massive loss the life.

once the home of Burgesses was created in Virginia in 1619,

A. It gave settlers the full political manage of their colony.

B. Land-owning women homesteaders were permitted to vote.

C. Colonists were provided a re-publishing of local political representation.

it put an end to a violent uprising through disgruntled colonists.

it recommended the Virginia declare self-reliance from England

The first blacks imported to Virginia in 1619

A. Were most most likely indentured servants.

B. Started a fast stream of African servants to the brothers colonies.

C. Were desired to europe indentured servants.

followed Indians into slavery.

arrived together independent landowners.

The wharf Indian Pocahontas

A. Married Englishman john Smith.

B. Was kidnapped by man Rolfe.

C. Produced an attention in England come “civilize” Indians.

was the reason of a war in between the kai Indians and Virginian colonists.

refused to convert to Christianity.

Warfare in between Englishmen and also Powhatan indians in Virginia

A. Ongoing without interruption till the early on eighteenth century.

B. Was first triggered by the kidnapping that Pocahontas.

C. Was mainly a an outcome of religious tensions in between natives and also settlers.

was uncommon until the early on eighteenth century.

included an Indian attack on james town which killed hundreds of colonists.

The Virginia Company

A. Never sanctioned military action against the indigenous Americans of Virginia.

B. Deep opposed the income of africans to the colonies.

C. Was took in by the crown because it was coming to be too powerful.

had that charter revoked through James I.

found many of that is Virginia endeavors to be really profitable.

In i beg your pardon area of technology were Indians much more advanced than the Virginia colonists?

A. Agriculture

B. Ocean-going vessels

C. Weaponry


animal husbandry

In the seventeenth century, English homesteaders recognized that corn

A. Might only be grown in the new World.

B. Was their many financially valuable crop.

C. Created yields greater than any kind of of the european grains.

was a particularly difficult crop to cultivate.

could not be get an impressive in the swampy land around Jamestown.

In the beginning, the Maryland colony

A. Proficient tremendous war with neighborhood Indians.

B. Allowed no protestant settlers.

C. To be a refuge because that English Catholics.

was led by Captain john Smith.

experienced considerable conflict with nearby French settlers.

Which the following statements about Sir william Berkeley is FALSE?

A. He was a leading political number in Virginia for more than three decades.

B. He encouraged Virginia to construct westward.

C. His connections with Indians to be violent and bloody.

He prolonged the political depiction for frontier settlers.

He sent explorers throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains.

By 1670, political depiction for homesteaders in Virginia

A. Experienced elections take location every 2 years.

B. Was open up to every white males over the period of twenty-one.

C. Had grown much more restrictive.

favored west counties over east counties.

expanded to include landholding black color men.

Bacon’s Rebellion

A. Spelled the death of the Virginia Company.

B. Witnessed the imperial governor of Virginia compelled to resign.

C. Spread throughout several colonies.

carried ~ above for several years.

was a conflict in between eastern and western Virginia.

The suppression of Bacon’s Rebellion aided spur

A. Tobacco production.

B. Enslavement in Virginia.

C. European investment.

the triangular trade.

calls for self-reliance from England.

In 1608, Puritan separatists who wished to leaving England

A. Began to seek refuge in Virginia.

B. Emigrated quietly to north France.

C. Were urged by the Church of England come emigrate.

chartered a nest in Plymouth.

could not legally carry out so.

In 1620, the Puritan Pilgrims who pertained to North America

A. Intended to settle at Cape Cod.

B. Came over the objections the the Virginia colony.

C. To be seeking come escape military service in England.

were Christian missionaries.

enjoyed a specifically mild winter their first year.

During its an initial year in phibìc America, the Plymouth colony

A. Survived in huge part as result of assistance indigenous Indians.

B. Grew rich native the surrounding productive farmlands.

C. Lugged out warfare that delete everything out lot of the neighborhood Indian population.

saw two-thirds the its population die.

established critically necessary trade paths with jamestown to the south.

Compared come King James I, King Charles I’s treatment of Puritans

A. Was more tolerant.

B. Was an ext hostile.

C. Was small different.

was an ext likely to advancement Puritan believed in England.

was less likely come involve imprisonment for spiritual beliefs.

The Puritan merchants who established the Massachusetts only Company

A. Established their resources in Salem.

B. Started as a royal colony.

C. To be led by mile Standish.

were offered their early american charter by Charles II.

carried the end the largest solitary migration in the ten century.

The Massachusetts just Puritans

A. Lived as grim and joyless people.

B. Took vows of poverty as evidence of their commitment to their faith.

C. Developed a early american “theocracy.”

fought v the bordering Indians almost immediately.

introduced freedom of praise to the new World.

The Puritan co-founder in Massachusetts who defined their swarm as a “shining city upon a hill”

A. Felt they were producing a holy community that would be a model for the world.

B. Want to construct their ar on high floor to conserve it indigenous Indian attacks.

C. Wanted to create a community that would certainly be open to all peoples of every faiths.

sought to produce a community in i m sorry all world were treated as equals.

wanted to differentiate their community from the materialism and acquisitiveness of brand-new Haven.


Thomas Hooker is come be linked with creating the nest of

A. Rhode Island.

B. Vermont.

C. New Hampshire.



said the land inhabited by the colonists belonged come the Indians.

One reason Roger Williams was deported native the Massachusetts swarm was he

A. Was a evidenced Separatist.

B. Argued that the nest should preserve allegiance come the Church the England.

C. Claimed the land occupied by the homesteaders belonged come the Indians.

attempted come take over the leadership of the colony.

advocated the rule of many marriage.

was significant for its spiritual toleration.

When the was created in 1644, the swarm of Rhode Island

A. Had strong ties come the church in the Massachusetts colony.

B. Organized the an initial fully democratic government in north America.

C. Had no ties to the Massachusetts colony.

was noteworthy for its religious toleration.

banned Jews native emigrating.

challenged the prevailing presumptions of the proper role of women in society.

In 1638, anne Hutchinson was deported native the Massachusetts colony due to the fact that she

A. To be accused of practicing witchcraft.

B. Said that only the “elect” were entitled come any spiritual or politics authority.

C. Tested the prevailing assumptions of the proper duty of females in society.

was a solitary mother that refused come marry.

preached against what she dubbed the “Antinomian heresy.”

John Winthrop

Which new England Puritan can LEAST that s right be described as a spiritual dissenter?

A. Ann Hutchinson

B. Man Winthrop

C. Roger Williams

John Wheelwright

Thomas Hooker

with fear and also contempt.

Over time in the seventeenth century, an increasing number of new England Puritans concerned view Indian society

A. With condescending admiration.

B. With fear and also contempt.

C. As worth preserving.

as component of the Godly community.

as useful neighbors and also partners in commerce.

the Pequots

In 1637, hostilities broke out between English settlers in the Connecticut Valley and also what local indigenous American tribe?

A. The Seminoles

B. The Powhatans

C. The Sioux

the Wampanoags

the Pequots

the flintlock rifle.

In King Philip’s War, indians made efficient use that the relatively new weapon,

A. The flintlock rifle.

B. The matchlock musket.

C. The repeating revolver.

the gatling gun.

the pho cannon.

supporters that King Charles I.

In the 1640s, during the English polite War, the Cavaliers were

A. The forces of Parliament, that were mainly Puritans.

supporters that King Charles I.

Scottish and Irish gentry desiring come secede indigenous England.

both the pressures of Parliament and supporters the King Charles I.

neither the pressures of conference nor pendant of King Charles I.

Charles II.

The English Restoration began with the regime of

A. James II.

B. Oliver Cromwell.

C. George I.

Elizabeth I.

Charles II.

guaranteed spiritual freedom to every Christians.

The proprietors who started the Carolina colony

A. Guaranteed religious freedom to every Christians.

B. Rubbish the headright system.

C. Rule the nest with dictatorial powers.

quickly made it a financial success.

banned the income of indentured servants.

was affected by the English theorist John Locke.

The an essential Constitution for the Carolina colony

A. Sought to create a society of general equality amongst Englishmen.

B. Was affected by the English thinker John Locke.

initially walk not incorporate slavery.

made no provisions because that a early american parliament.

All this answers are correct.

the northern and southern areas were economically and socially unique from every other.

The development of the Carolina colony was notable in that

A. The nest was able come attract big numbers of settlers from adjacent colonies.

B. The northern and southern regions were economically and socially distinctive from each other.

its economic situation was base in tobacco production.

its founders had actually discouraged the usage of slaves.

it advocated independence native England well before all other mainland colonies.

emerged after a struggle in between the English and also the Dutch.

The brand-new York colony

A. Observed its founding proprietors from the Carolina colony.

B. Make a commitment come representative assemblies.

emerged after a struggle between the English and also the Dutch.

saw its populace grow slowly for its an initial fifty years.

banned slavery from its inception.

had an excellent ethnic and spiritual diversity.

Like brand-new York, the new Jersey colony

A. Quickly occurred a solid local government.

B. Had few slaves throughout its beforehand existence.

was defined by a unified and also generally serene society.

had an excellent ethnic and spiritual diversity.

developed an important class of huge landowners.


Which of the complying with was no a restoration colony?

A. Maryland

B. Carolina

New York


New Jersey

rejected the theory of original sin.

Unlike Puritans, the Quakers

A. Welcomed the concept of predestination.

B. Garbage the doctrine of original sin.

were not persecuted by the English government.

paid your clergy handsomely.

All these answers space correct.

All this answers are correct.

In the seventeenth century, English Quakers

A. Had a overlook for course or gender distinctions.

B. Had no paid clergy.

were pacifists.

believed every could obtain salvation.

All this answers are correct.

was a guy of an excellent wealth that converted to Quakerism.

William Penn

A. To be a guy of good wealth that converted to Quakerism.

B. Established a center successful but never cosmopolitan colony.

suppressed the neighborhood Indians in Pennsylvania with a strong military presence.

never checked out Pennsylvania.

used unscrupulous and also deceptive proclaiming to tempt settlers.


The swarm established by civilization seeking to different from Pennsylvania was

A. Maryland.

B. New Jersey.


New York.


concluded it to be cheaper to buy new African slaves than to protect those lock owned.

The English early american settlements in the Caribbean

A. Finish it was cheaper come buy new African servants than to protect those castle owned.

B. Arisen their settlements along the exact same lines as in the Chesapeake.

developed far-reaching economic success v the manufacturing of tobacco.

had a smaller percentage of servants than in the north American colonies.

were required to address larger aboriginal populations than those ~ above the mainland.


What social institution did europeans in the Caribbean share with their counterparts in north America?

A. City hall meeting

B. Home of Burgesses


religious tolerance


many swarms gradually taken on slavery together a systems to their labor troubles

Regarding the beginnings of slavery in the north American English colonies,

A. The exercise of using servant labor in England was carried over right into the colonies.

B. Royal colonies were forced by their federal government to use slaves.

English racism prevent blacks and also whites native working with each other on equal terms.

many nests gradually adopted slavery together a equipment to your labor troubles.

proprietary colonies were compelled by their charters to use slaves.

added small economic worth to the Spanish Empire.

By 1700, the Spanish swarms north of Mexico

A. Had attracted significant interest native the Spanish government.

B. Were being arisen through a wire of Catholic missions.

added little economic value to the Spanish Empire.

contained an ext than one million Spanish citizens.

included the largest Spanish city in the Americas.

to produce a armed forces barrier versus the Spanish.

Georgia was founded

A. To provide a refuge because that Catholics.

B. To develop a army barrier versus the Spanish.

to quickly make money because that its investors.

by Quaker missionaries.

as a haven for religious dissenters.

both totally free blacks and also slaves.

Originally, the Georgia nest excluded

A. Free blacks.


indentured servants.

both free blacks and slaves.

neither cost-free blacks nor slaves.

no one europe or Indian group held a clean dominance.

In colonial North America, the “middle grounds” refers to a region in which

A. Nobody European or Indian team held a clear dominance.

B. Indian tribes were largely able to store out european colonists.

English colonists quickly became the leading power.

Spanish homesteaders were long the dominant power.

French homesteaders managed to organize the balance of power.

English colonists could just produce assets that were likewise sold in England.

Which of the following statement about the navigation Acts (1660s) is FALSE?

A. English colonies were closed to every trade other than that brought by English ships.

B. Details colonial assets could be exported just to England.

All European products sent come the nests had to pass v England and also were topic to taxes.

English colonists could just produce products that were also sold in England.

Duties were applied on the coastal trade among the English colonies.

British business and merchants.

The English parliament enacted the navigating Acts generally to benefit

A. Early american American tobacco plantations.

B. Brother business and merchants.

New England merchants.

Virginian planters.

Business and planters in the brothers Caribbean.

called because that a single royal governor.

The dominance of new England

preserved existing colonial legislative assemblies.

was called into being by King Charles II.

was limited to what now constitutes brand-new England.

declared the navigating Acts null and also void.

called because that a single royal governor.

New York.

Leisler’s Rebellion took location in

A. Rhode Island.

B. Brand-new Jersey.


New York.


saw an English king, James II, flee to the european continent.

The Glorious change of 1688–1689

A. Experienced an English king, James II, flee come the europe continent.

B. Enhanced the influence of Catholicism in England.

helped placed in place the rule of new England.

kept the English crown amongst Englishmen.

had no result on early american governments.

English swarms in the Chesapeake were first and foremost company enterprises.
The Jamestown settlement was an instant success.
John Smith implemented order ~ above the jamestown settlement, yet he believed it was wise not to antagonize regional Indians.
The tobacco society of Virginia created good pressure for territorial expansion.
The an initial Africans to arrive in Virginia in 1619 were more than likely servants rather than slaves.
The survival of james town was mostly a an outcome of the English borrowing native the agricultural knowledge that the Indians.
Virginia go not come to be a royal nest until the eve of the American Revolution.
The englishmen who started Maryland were Puritans, however not Separatists
The founders of Maryland encouraged both Protestants and Catholics to migrate to the colony.
Like Virginia, Maryland became a center for the growing of tobacco.
During the middle of the seventeenth century, the right to poll in Virginia was becoming much more restricted.
Bacon’s Rebellion to be undertaken to carry out away with enslavement in Virginia
Bacon’s Rebellion accelerated the advancement of enslavement in Virginia.
The Caribbean nests of England were normally less democratic than the phibìc American nests of England.
The Caribbean settlements of England to be the main resource of servants for the English nests of phibìc America.
The Mayflower Compact collection forth the ethics of the Puritan religion.
James i of England may have believed in the magnificent right the kings, but he to be not particularly harsh in his therapy of Puritans.
Charles I dissolved Parliament and also was later beheaded.
Residents the Massachusetts usually had greater freedom of praise than the Puritans had actually had in England.
Unlike the colonists of Jamestown, the Puritans of Massachusetts established settlements based on families.
Anne Hutchinson preached a version of the Antinomian heresy when she completed that faithful Puritans could communicate directly with God.
Thomas Hooker and Roger Williams were both exiled and executed for their dissents from the major tenets the Puritanism.
Both the Pequot War and also King Philip’s War ended disastrously for the Indians.
Indians utilizing bows and arrows regularly bested English settlers using matchlock rifles.
In the English polite War, the Cavaliers recorded King Charles I and beheaded him.
One result of the reconstruction was the advance of new colonies in north America.
The philosopher John Locke helped draw up the basic Constitution because that Carolina.
The brand-new Jersey colony occurred no significant class of large landowners
Quakers is a term applied to a dissenting English good news sect, the culture of Friends.
During its early on years, the Pennsylvania colony often confronted financial ruin.
Like Pennsylvania, Georgia was founded as a religious colony.
California was very first colonized through Spain i beg your pardon used local Indians as its main source of labor.
The “middle ground” refers in part to areas on the western edges of English colonial settlements.

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The navigation Acts to be designed mainly to manage migration into the Americas.
The navigation Acts were a component of the English mercantile system
The dominion of brand-new England sustained the colonists’ cases for the “rights that Englishmen.”
The Glorious change helped come solidify the ascendancy of brand-new England