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In chapter 18 that The Westing Game , Turtle and Flora flourish closer, and also Turtle starts addressing Flora through the nickname "Baba." at Turtle"s insistence, castle unload all other stock and put your money into Westing paper Products, which begins to rise in value. Sandy compiles details on Baumbach, Amber,...

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In chapter 18 that The Westing Game, Turtle and also Flora flourish closer, and also Turtle begins addressing Flora through the nickname "Baba." in ~ Turtle"s insistence, they unload all other stock and also put their money into Westing file Products, which begins to climb in value. Sandy compiles details on Baumbach, Amber, Deere, and also Pulaski to share with Judge Ford. Theo instructs Doug to monitor Otis Amber, and Doug jogs all over town to store track the him. Angela quietly reveals the she doesn"t want plastic surgical treatment to fix her cheek, and Turtle instructs her no to speak to anyone about the bomb. Dr. Deere brings kris to the hospital to view a neurologist about his condition.

Chapter 19, encompassing every one of Thursday, starts with Turtle and Flora anxiously surveillance their stock. Otis says to Crow that James Hoo is the bomber, and she is suspicious of Hoo until he provides her insoles that his own invention that relieve her aching feet, proving to her the he is great and can not be the bomber. Sandy and the judge review his notes on Crow and the Wexler family and also realize the Sydelle Pulaski was mistakenly had in the list of heirs. Kris finds one envelope containing hints (WITH and also MAJESTIES) in his bathrobe and also delivers it come Angela together a gift from Theo; the words were actually placed there through Crow, unbeknownst to Theo.

In chapter 20, turtle instructs Flora to offer all the stock after Westing document Products reaches its highest possible peak in fifteen years. Doug complies with Otis approximately but can"t uncover Theo, and his feet find relief thanks to the insoles his dad invented. Complying with a hunch regarding their critical clue, Theo experiments through fertilizer in the chemistry lab in ~ school and causes one explosion, which provides the bomb squad suspicious of him. Sandy completes his note on the Theodorakis family members after referee Ford concerns George Theodorakis, that once had a romantic connection with Violet Westing. Sandy and also the judge conclude the the former wife of Sam Westing need to be one of the heirs and that her life is in danger, due to the fact that she is most likely the human he would many want to punish.

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