The Woods Are full Of Cuckoos

The Woods Are full Of Cuckoos

The Woods Are full Of Cuckoos (1937) - Merrie Melodies Theatrical Cartoon Series
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Traditional computer animation A Vitaphone Production distributed by:Warner Bros. Cartoon Characters:Old Radio Stars. Command ByFrank Tashlin. Created ByLeon Schlesinger. Man ByRobert Bentley. Composed ByMelvin Millar. Music:Carl W. Stalling. Initially Released ~ above December 04, 1937. Originally Released Theatrically. Running Time:7:10 minutes. Manufacturing Number:8149.MPAA: 3739 color U.S.A.

many caricatures of classic radio stars, consisting of Fred Allen, Jack Benny, understand of ceremonies Ben Bernie ("Ben Birdie"), Eddie Cantor, Irwin Cobb (identified together "Irwin Frog"), Bing crosby ("Bing Crowsby"), Andy Devine, Deanna Durbin...(more)
The Woods Are full Of Cuckoos Merrie Melodies opened Title

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