This Is the only Level Too is the sequel to the hit digital game, This Is the just Level. The is a really fun, original video game that in every means meets the bar set by its predecessor.

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This game is a great way to kill some time and also have fun. If girlfriend haven't play it yet, girlfriend can uncover it here at which is just one of the ideal places to find great, fun virtual games. The following is a walkthrough.


You play together a blue elephant that runs right into the very same level over and also over again, just the challenge of the level changes each time.


Each level provides you a brief clue around its name in the bottom left above the level number. Establish the meaning behind the proviso is crucial if you desire to number out each level's solution.


Arrows: Use the arrow keys or A, S, D, W to relocate your elephant around.Keyboard: You will occasionally need to press certain keys on the keyboard to obtain past a specific level.


Stage 1: arrow Keys Required

Basically a tutorial level. Use the arrowhead keys to run on the button and also then get in the pipe in the bottom right.

Stage 2: Hop, Skip, and also Jump

Complete the level together normal. However, you have the right to only jump three times, so usage your jumps sparingly.

Stage 3: Peek-a-Boo

Jump on the button like normal and also then walk to the door. Rotate your ago to the door to do it open and also then run through it quickly.

Stage 4: Anti-Gravity

After pushing the button the heaviness in the display screen is shifted. Jump to the exit.

Stage 5: Red Light

Jump on the button and also stay there till the door opens.

Stage 6: through the Tunnel

There is one invisible wall surface in the middle of the level. You must walk right into the hill ~ above the bottom left of the display (let the elephant fall to the floor and also walk right). The elephant will burrow under.

Stage 7: back Where girlfriend Started

Jump right into the pipe that you autumn out of rather of the normal leave pipe.

Stage 8: Drag and Drop

Use your computer mouse to drag the door open and then walk through it.

Stage 9: operation Donkey Run

The only thing that transforms in this level is that you are a donkey rather of one elephant. Finish the level together usual.

Stage 10: one the Wagon

To beat this level, you should press your directional secrets in a circular clockwise pattern. Down, left, up, right, down, left, up, right.....etc.

Stage 11: people 1–2

The clue refers to Super Mario World, whereby you deserve to jump up right into the block to bust them. Jump to the greatest block on the screen (single block, left middle) and also then jump approximately break the ceiling. Jump v the ceiling and run right. Autumn into any of the pipes.

Stage 12: upper and lower reversal It

This level is played v the screen inverted and also you begin at the departure pipe. Very closely make your means to the temporary leave pipe in the bottom right.

Stage 13: sticky Keys

This level describes the fact that if girlfriend press change five time on some computer systems it will ask friend if you desire to revolve sticky tricks on. Notice that as soon as you press change a number pops out of the elephant. Press shift five times and then exit the level.

Stage 14: The sky Is Falling

In this level you must press the button and also get out of the level before the fall spikes hit you.

Stage 15: Stuck?

To open up the gate you must click the walkthrough button on the bottom of the screen. Video clip walkthroughs are no great though right? kind of aggravating.

Stage 16: slide Portcullis

To do the door rise, you have to jump ~ above the switch over and also over till the door get the top. Then quickly run the end of the level.

Stage 17: Left Is Right

To loss this level, let her elephant autumn all the means to the ground and also then walk right into the spikes on the bottom left that the screen. Left IS right.

Stage 18: Finger Painting

Pretty simple, simply a small bit different art. Complete the level by jumping ~ above the switch like normal.

Stage 19: The Alphabet

To do the gate open, kind in every letter the the alphabet like I do: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Stage 20: Amazeing

This level is filled with invisible walls that develop a maze that you have to run through. This is one place where a video clip walkthrough comes in handy. Ns can't phone call you precisely what to do, but I deserve to tell friend to take the longest possible route come the button.

I will try....

From the soil you acquire dropped to, operation right and also jump increase the tiny hill. Then jump back left to the platform and ago right to the following platform (bottom left of button platform). Jump left again come the next platform up and also then best again to the next platform up (single block platform). Walk right and also drop straight down to the hill with the spikes on each side. Walk under the switch platform and to the door that you always have to open. Jump up ~ above an invisible platform just above the middle of the door and also then up and right to an additional invisible platform a little above the platform on height of the door. Up and left to the L-shaped platform and also continue left come the next l-shaped platform. From here you can finally jump ~ above the button and make your method to the exit.

Stage 21: Schizophrenic

In this level your elephant flashes red every couple of seconds. While flashing red, all buttons are inverted. Take your time top top this one and also only relocate while the elephant is blue. It's a red light, environment-friendly light kind thing.

Stage 22: What's ~ above the Menu

This is just one of my favorite levels the the game. I thought it was pretty clever. Push the menu switch on the bottom the the screen. Notice the elephant that is significant fresh elephants. Usage your controls to relocate that elephant and also maneuver him to the button that is cleverly inserted in the really top left of the screen. Climate press continue level and the gate will certainly be opened.

Stage 23: Def, Dumb, and Blind

This is one of the levels that gave me the many trouble. Just shot to psychic the sample of the level, i m sorry is harder than you can think, and make your method to the gate. To open up the door you need to press the mute button on the bottom of the screen. An excellent luck.

Stage 24: ~ above Ice

In this level, her elephant will continue to take trip in each direction you relocate until that gets quit by a wall. Luckily the spikes simply disappear when you struggle them. Don't forget to press the button by sliding end it horizontally.

Stage 25: fatality from over (and Below)

In this level the spikes top top the top and also bottom that the display will extend toward you when you walk over or listed below them. The cheat is to walk under the button platform and also jump to the add to platform. From there you can jump come the button platform. Notice the lone spikes hanging down just before you with the tunnel. Watch out for them.

Stage 26: X-Axis Pull

Think of this level together a horizontal number line v zero in the middle. In ~ zero girlfriend don't move however the further you gain from zero the more your elephant will be pulled up and also down. Do your means to the switch (which is zero).

Drop off the ideal side of the switch platform and quickly walk left so that you're stand upside down on the switch platform. Cautiously jump to the small gap on the plus sign and jump to the exit.

Stage 27: D34TH 15 2AD

You have to run right into the spikes in a details in bespeak to defeat this level. The number in the surname tells girlfriend the order come hit them. I will certainly tell you which spikes space which. As soon as you press the right spikes a circle will appear. Press the wrong spikes and you die.

Horizontal-facing spikes on the bottom left wall.The vertical spikes facing down simply to the best of the starting pipe.The 3 spikes on the left side of the big middle hill. Horizontal encountering the left wall.The second set that spikes top top the ceiling come the best of 2.The spikes encountering the ceiling ~ above the left next of the large middle hill.

Stage 28: surface Painting

An simple level. Just run over blocks to paint them and also paint fifty blocks to open up the gate.

Stage 29: free Falling

Hardest level the the game. Where you loss at the bottom is where you're walking to show up at the top. You have actually to autumn through the large hill and press the button, then make it to the exit.

I actually found it less complicated to go previous the button to the right and also then come back, pushing the button on the method back. Then finally went through the middle one an ext time, do my means to the exit.

Stage 30: Corpse Shot

To loss the last stage left the the video game you need to kill her elephant ~ above the spikes directly above the button, making her elephant's corpse fall onto the button. Then, quickly, prior to the corpse disappears make your method to the leave screen.

Congrats! You have finished This Is the just Level Too, but the game is not over yet. There are special characters to unlock and also two brand-new modes. Provide it a try to be sure to price the game up on whatever site girlfriend play the on if you favor it. Thanks for reading. Comment below if girlfriend have any questions.

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Hollow Knight on in march 14, 2018:

The pointers for the level D34TH 15 2AD aren't very useful, they're wrong.

coolrorU ~ above December 18, 2017:

tyler 1 it's in reality level 1 come level 31. You can regulate the elephant at any kind of time in the menu.

Just helping.

Stellar Lights ~ above December 17, 2017:

I was at the menu, and also I was suddenly transported come level 31; there are only 30 levels! What carry out I do?

what are the characters?

elephant - squirrel - cheat - hedgehog - velociraptor

Stage 8 glitch! cant obtain past it!

click through the cursor ~ above the exit-door, then relocate the cursor downwards, if holding the mouse, move the character with the door

I require a much better explanation of phase 27, everyone please?

the left 5 groups of the spikes have actually from the left come the ideal the numbers 1-5, first you hit group n3, then 4, then 1, climate 5, then 2

GameCrusher2 ~ above June 07, 2017:

OMG! I discovered out that in the 31st level, if you appropriate click and press "Forward", right click again and also press "Back", and also finally best click AGAIN and also press "Forward" again, the web page will reload and you will certainly have every one of the unlockables other than the easter egg one. Expect this was useful for you.

ok909 on might 30, 2017:

in level 31 just right click press forward then appropriate click and press ago and lastly right click press forward again

Smores Thorpe top top February 15, 2017:

That was good help. Thxs

pa on February 13, 2017:

cant pass level 27 the explanation is unclear and doesn't work

ScoogieMump top top December 16, 2016:

For level 29 friend don't need to press the button

Elephant Butt on respectable 26, 2016:

How to obtain past 31?!

No offence ~ above July 16, 2016:

Your walkthrough after the 20 lvl suck!

Sadie on march 30, 2013:

I require a better explanation of stage 27, anyone please?

anny10 top top January 26, 2013:

help grounding on lvl 29

dorii on might 18, 2012:

Help me!!!!!!! ns stuck ~ above level 20!!!!!!!! someone define it better

Mir27 ~ above April 22, 2012:

Just rotate your iphone upsidedown and wait till the lights are green.

mulac top top April 04, 2012:

any idea exactly how to get past level 31 it is impossible. I functioned so tough to complete the game and also they offer an difficult level!!!

kathey on march 13, 2012:

i still deserve to not obtain passed level 8

Caleb on in march 06, 2012:

How come beat level 31?

bia ~ above February 09, 2012:

level 20 too hard, can somebody assist me?

bubblez! :) top top December 20, 2011:

I can't gain pasted lvl 8!! soooooooo annoyying! have the right to SOMEONE aid ME please ASAP!!

Hunter ~ above December 11, 2011:

Stage 8 glitch! cant acquire past it!

rg on October 08, 2011:

I understand I´m late, but...

You don´t have to push the switch in levels 3, 5 and also 29. The opens instantly when turned earlier (3) or standing quiet (5), In 29, friend don´t need to open the gate due to the fact that you fall from above

david 1996 top top April 04, 2011:

how can i finish level 31

tyler l on in march 21, 2011:

OMG discovered a method from 22 come 31! go to the menu and also controll the elephant under the authorize in the bottom left. Very corner. Run up and left to acquire in the sign. Store jumpin and also movin. Girlfriend will loss into 31

mitch12w550 on march 06, 2011:

29 too hard

gg girl on February 17, 2011:

i can't get passed level 29 (free falling)

GAMEGOD on February 02, 2011:

"Panic" on the switch on the level 30.

person ; D top top December 29, 2010:

stage 31 is no a level u obtain past. I guess u can think that it together an easter egg. You uncover level 31, 4 those that u that dont know, by using the main display elephant from level 22, and also walking to the bottom ideal hand corner, and jump right into the box. U will certainly not have the ability to see your player in the box, however walk to the left the the inside of the box, and also you have discovered your an enig level. :)

Danie ~ above December 28, 2010:

How perform you carry out stage 31? Its referred to as undefined

crzy gmr on December 22, 2010:

the 3 modes are regular mode, fml mode, and also hyper mode. Never play fml cuz its means 2 frustrating. Among the personalities is squirrel.

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chipmunk top top December 21, 2010:

i recognize one that the modes is hyper mode. Its nice awesome. They lastly make a second for this, now we need a second for departure path.