This uplifting tune from Bob Marley & The Wailers" 9th studio album, Exodus, is famed for that reassuring refrain, "Don"t problem "bout a thing, "cause every little thing is gonna be alright" – a article Marley received from the birds the frequented his porch stoop in Kingston, Jamaica. "That yes, really happened," he told sounds magazine. "That"s where I get my inspiration."Despite the problem Marley faced in Jamaica – in 1976, he made it through a politically urged assassination attempt connected to his assistance of prime Minister Michael Manley – the singer still regarded the island as spiritual place. "JA is among the heaviest places in the West spiritually, nevertheless of what a walk on," he explained.

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Marley"s friend Tony "Gilly" Gilbert was current when the singer created the song and confirmed Marley had several feathered friends. "It was just amazing just how he placed the words because that "Three small Birds" together in a flow," Gilbert called Vivien Goldman, author of The book of Exodus: The do and an interpretation of Bob Marley and also the Wailers" Album of the Century. "Bob obtained inspired through a lot of things roughly him, he it was observed life. Ns remember the three small birds. They were pretty birds, canaries, who would come through the windowsill at expect Road."
Marley"s kid Ziggy Marley and also Sean Paul recorded this for the animated movies Shark story (2004) and also Surf"s increase (2007). Several various other artists have covered the song, including Robbie Williams, Karen David, Gilberto Gil, Billy Ocean, Monty Alexander, Alvin and also the Chipmunks. Britain"s gained Talent alumna Connie Talbot taped a famous version for her 2008 album, over The Rainbow
. The single went to #3 ~ above the UK elevation Singles Chart and also #1 ~ above the Billboard hot Singles Sales chart in the US.
Marley"s eldest daughter, Cedella Marley, adjusted this right into the children"s publication Every tiny Thing in 2012 and, two years later, the off-Broadway music Bob Marley"s Three tiny Birds. The story follows a shy tiny boy that is coaxed by three tiny birds to walk outside and play.
This was used on the TV shows Boston legal ("Helping Hand," 2006), 90210 ("Another, another Chance," 2010), quit ("The Coup," 2012), and The Handmaid"s tale ("Birth Day," 2017).
"Three little Birds" is a motif in the 2007 movie I to be Legend, whereby Will Smith"s character sings that from time to time to keep his spirits up. The tune was also featured in the movies society Paradise (1986), Strange days (1995), In she Shoes (2005), ns Am Legend (2007), Funny civilization (2009), Ramona and Beezus (2010), and also Strange Magic (2015).
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Pink Floyd"s "Talkin" Hawkin"" provides a sample the Stephen Hawking"s synthesized voice taken native a decided he created a 1994 brothers Telecom commercial.

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