Every workbook has at least one worksheet by default. When working v a big amount of data, you can develop multiple worksheets to aid organize her workbook and also make it easier to uncover content. Friend can additionally group worksheets come quickly include information to multiple worksheets at the same time.

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Watch the video below come learn much more about utilizing multiple worksheets.

To insert a brand-new worksheet:Locate and select the New sheet switch near the bottom-right corner of the Excel window.

A new empty worksheet will appear.


By default, any new workbook you create in Excel will contain one worksheet, dubbed Sheet1. To readjust the default number the worksheets, navigate to Backstage view, click Options, then pick the desired variety of worksheets to include in each brand-new workbook.

To copy a worksheet:

If you need to duplicate the content of one worksheet to another, Excel enables you come copy an present worksheet.

Right-click the worksheet you desire to copy, then pick Move or Copy from the worksheet menu.

The Move or Copy dialog box will appear. Choose where the sheet will show up in the before sheet: field. In ours example, we'll choose (move to end) to place the worksheet come the right of the present worksheet.Check the box next to Create a copy, climate click OK.

The worksheet will certainly be copied. The will have actually the very same title together the original worksheet, as well as a version number. In our example, we duplicated the November worksheet, therefore our brand-new worksheet is called November (2). All contents from the November worksheet has also been replicated to the new worksheet.

You can additionally copy a worksheet to an entirely various workbook. You have the right to select any kind of workbook that is at this time open indigenous the To book: drop-down menu.

To rename a worksheet:Right-click the worksheet you want to rename, then choose Rename indigenous the worksheet menu.

Type the desired name because that the worksheet.Click everywhere outside the worksheet tab, or press Enter on her keyboard. The worksheet will be renamed.
To move a worksheet:Click and also drag the worksheet you want to relocate until a small black color arrow appears over the wanted location.
To adjust the worksheet tab color:Right-click the desired worksheet tab, and hover the mouse over Tab Color. The Color food selection will appear.Select the desired color.

The worksheet tab shade is significantly less noticeable when the worksheet is selected. Select an additional worksheet come see how the shade will appear when the worksheet is no selected.

To delete a worksheet:Right-click the worksheet you want to delete, then select Delete indigenous the worksheet menu.

If you want to prevent certain worksheets from gift edited or deleted, you have the right to protect them by right-clicking the wanted worksheet and choosing Protect paper from the worksheet menu.

Switching in between worksheets

If you want to check out a different worksheet, you deserve to simply click the tab to move to the worksheet. However, with larger workbooks this have the right to sometimes come to be tedious, as it might require scrolling through all of the tabs to discover the one friend want. Instead, you have the right to simply right-click the scroll arrows in the lower-left corner, as presented below.

A dialog box will appear with a perform of all of the sheets in your workbook. You can then double-click the paper you want to run to.

Grouping and ungrouping worksheets

You can work with each worksheet individually, or you have the right to work v multiple worksheets at the exact same time. Worksheets can be an unified together into a group. Any type of changes made to one worksheet in a team will it is in made come every worksheet in the group.

To team worksheets:Select the first worksheet you desire to incorporate in the worksheet group.
Continue to select worksheets until every one of the worksheets you want to group are selected, then release the Ctrl key. The worksheets are currently grouped.

While worksheets space grouped, you can navigate to any type of worksheet within the group. Any type of changes made to one worksheet will show up on every worksheet in the group. However, if you select a worksheet the is not in the group, every one of your worksheets will end up being ungrouped.

To ungroup worksheets:Right-click a worksheet in the group, then select Ungroup Sheets native the worksheet menu.
The worksheets will be ungrouped. Alternatively, you deserve to simply click any worksheet not included in the group to ungroup all worksheets.

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Insert a new worksheet, and also rename that Q1 Summary.Move the Expenses Summary worksheet to the much right, then relocate the Q1 Summary worksheet so the it is between March and April.Create a copy of the Expenses an introduction worksheet by right-clicking the tab. Execute not simply copy and also paste the content of the worksheet into a new worksheet.Change the color the the January tab to blue and also the color of the February tab come red.Group the worksheets September, October, and also November.When you're finished, your workbook need to look something like this: