Nephew Tommy Biography and also Wiki

Nephew Tommy born cutting board Miles II is an african American comedian, actor, and also producer that co-hosts The Steve Harvey Morning show during which he frequently makes prank phone calls. Tommy is famously known as the nephew that comedian Steve Harvey, which is whereby his stage name originates from.

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Nephew Tommy Age and also Birthday

Nephew Tommy was born ~ above May 18, 1967, in Houston, TX. The is 53 years old as of 2021. His birth authorize is Taurus.

Nephew Tommy Height and also Weight

Tommy stands at a height of 5 Feet 11 customs (Approx. 1.80m) and weighs 77 kgs(169.7 lbs).

Nephew Tommy Education

The comedian attended Texas A&M University, a public land-grant research study university in college Station, Texas, whereby he learned theatre.

Nephew Tommy Family, Parents, Siblings

Tommy is the proud child of Thomas Wesley miles Sr. (father) and Kate Miles (mother). Unfortunately, his dad passed away. It is also known the he has a sister LaTanya. In 2016, Tommy and also his sisters gifted their mommy a new home.

Nephew Tommy photo

Nephew Tommy Wife, Wedding, Is he Married?

Moving on come his marital affairs, the comedian is happily married to his university Sweetheart Jacqueline Miles. The pair first met at Texas A&M in 1986. The duo has known each other for end 30 years. Lock later got married in 2016.

Nephew Tommy Kids

Tommy and also his wife room blessed with two sons and a daughter; Trey, Jordan, and also Sydnie. The eldest kid Thomas Wesley mile III to be born on 10 February 1997. His daughter Sydney won 2 first-place gold medals in her field events at the District fulfill on 14 April 2018.

Nephew Tommy Steve Harvey

Broderick Stephen Harvey is an American television presenter, comedian, actor, broadcaster, author, game show host, and also businessman. Steve hosts several mirrors such together The Steve Harvey Morning Show, household Feud, Celebrity household Feud, and also the miss Universe vain (since 2015).

Steve is the brother of Kate Miles, who is Tommy’s mother, therefore the stage name nephew Tommy.

Nephew Tommy net Worth

Nephew Tommy has actually an approximated net precious of $10 million together of 2021. His primary resource of income is his career as a tv Personality.

Nephew Tommy Prank Calls

Tommy pranked a young man in 2018, called Alan by telling him that his upcoming wedding has been called off because he didn’t lug food to the household potluck. Alan was caught off guard and convinced the after spending end $23,000 ~ above the wedding that they’re obtaining married.

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Nephew Tommy Steve Harvey Morning Show

The Steve Harvey Morning present is a national radio program that is at this time broadcast from Los Angeles. Nephew Tommy co-hosts through Shirley Strawberry The Steve Harvey Morning present during i m sorry he often makes prank call calls.

Nephew Tommy Movies

The Steve Harvey Morning present – since 2000Ready come LoveNephew Tommy: just My think – 2010N-Secure – 2010Think favor A guy – 20125th Ward The series – because 2018Black college Quiz ShowBaby Mama’s ClubFifth Ward – 1997Boo! A Madea Halloween – 2016Thug Life – 2001He Say, She Say, however What does God Say? – 2004The Willie Witch jobs – 19994 Deep

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