The folks end at Academy have introduced a smoker grill combo under their Outdoor Gourmet brand that is a low high quality clone of the Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo.

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Let’s do a lengthy story short…don’t buy this thing.


Triton Combo Smoker Grill Specifications

The Triton Smoker Grill Combo has:

540 square inch three burner gas grill (36,000 BTU/hr)540 square inch charcoal grillPorcelain infused actors iron grates on both grillsGas next burner with 9,000 BTU/hrSide smoker box with 190 square inch cooking grate

The charcoal grill has actually a charcoal tray that is adjustable to six various heights and also front facing air dampers.


The gas grill comes v a warming rack and also steel “flame tamers”.


The smoker crate is butted up against the charcoal grill and also has a actors iron grate.


What is Wrong with This Grill?

The smoker box has actually a vast opening the vents directly into the charcoal grill. The fire native the smoker crate is literally simply inches far from everything it is you desire to smoke. This is about the worst smoker architecture that you can make.

The reviews for this grill on Academy’s website space overwhelmingly negative. Right here is a review of what human being are griping about:

Side burner can’t support much weightHandle to raise and lower charcoal brokeGrill rusted the end in one yearGrease tray is laughably smallGas grill cooks unevenlyRust bucketCan’t gain replacement components or parts too expensivePaint peels offSmoker box is useless

I might go on yet I think you gain the point.

The one an excellent thing the everyone seems to agree top top is the the cast iron grates are nice. For this reason at least it has actually that going for it.

What to Buy Instead?

There space three reasons that human being buy this grill.

It only prices $299 in ~ Academy.It can be used as a charcoal grill, charcoal smoker or a gas grill.It looks cool.

Let me display you something that costs the same, will certainly last for over ten years and is an incredible charcoal grill and also smoker.

This doesn’t have actually a gas grill or a side burner however once you discover to use it friend won’t care.

I am talking about the Weber 26.75 inch kettle grill.


This kettle is completely MASSIVE. Prefer all Weber kettles this is a great grill. However, the extra size of this model let’s the be supplied as an impressive smoker.

I recognize this isn’t what you to be planning on seeing what you landed on this page but give this a job or two to mull around in her head.

Why invest your tough earned money on a Triton Combo Grill that doesn’t work an extremely well in the first place and will fall apart in a few years when for the same money you might own one of the finest charcoal grills ever before built.

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If girlfriend are identified to gain a grill/smoker combo grill then do yourself a favor, spend a few bucks much more and obtain the Oklahoma Joe.