Known because that spinning yarns around his past adventures, nation store owner Somerset Frisby (Andy Devine) is abducted by aliens. Offered a slim deficiency in their native language, the aliens have no concept of dishonesty and therefore accept at confront value

any kind of tales that war, heroism, and invention conveyed by Frisby—supposedly the most exciting and achieved man top top Earth. While later imprisoned aboard a paris saucer, Frisby depends on a small but devastating weapon to orchestrate his escape.

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“Hocus-Pocus and also Frisby” is a cute and also humorous entry of The Twilight Zone. Particularly worth praising is the hilarious finale of this episode, which offers a science fiction twisted on the ending of “The Boy that Cried Wolf.”


Though a pathological liar, Somerset Frisby comes throughout as a likable, small-town folk hero who, in comparison to the used-car salesman from a previous episode,

embellishes the truth in order come entertain fairly than to cheat or reason harm—a factor that enables the audience to recognize why Pete (Clem Bevans), Mitchell (Howard McNear), Scanlan (Dabbs Greer), and the various other townsfolk select to tolerate Frisby regardless of his tumultuous dishonesty. (Viewers through a strong sense of principles may, however, take issue with this episode for showing Frisby—a deceiver and also a braggart—in a positive, amusing, and sympathetic fashion.)


Despite being very intelligent, the aliens fail come detect the absurdities, contradictions, and also inconsistencies that show up throughout Frisby’s particularly tales.


Ostensibly a contemporary retelling that “The Boy who Cried Wolf,” this providing demonstrates exactly how decent human being should overlook the unauthorized or minor shortcomings—at the very least within reason—of a true and also worthwhile friend.

Concluding Comments

Complementing alien intrusion tropes v tongue-in-cheek humor, “Hocus-Pocus and Frisby” will certainly appeal to pan of the sci-fi/comedy crossover genre. Likewise deserving of cite are the touching interactions between Frisby and his friends, i beg your pardon compensate because that the moral ambiguities consisted of in this episode.

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Overall Quality: 8/10

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