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This is a trouble (among a entirety host of various other things) that i inherited from the ahead owner. Trunk release on my 2002 golf TDI does not job-related from the dash switch or remote. Hand-operated release through the vital works. The sounds favor the actuator is acquiring power together I hear the motor whenever i activate the from either the far or the dash. Possibly something else is broken? much more of an annoyance than anything else. Any ideas?
rear hatch switch not working
The power accuator and also linkage in the hatch gets sticky and needs to it is in cleaned and lubed.
If the actuator sounds normal, it can be a broken plastic piece. I think the Golf and Jetta have similar trunk design. Here"s a video that shows how to take the tribe apart.If it is just in require of lube, make sure to usage something plastic safe like white lithium. There"s a lot of plastic components in there that you wouldn"t desire to gain WD40 on.
took a peek under and no plastic parts (at the very least to mine eye) seems to be broken. It does it seems to be ~ sticky and also I provided some white lithium yet the actuator eight does not seem to turn the latch right into the exactly position. This is the precise same difficulty I"m having:

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