The price of off-base housing and also car insurance money is incredibly high in this area. Execute not assume your insurance company will be ready or able to ensure your auto in brand-new Jersey. Compared to the remainder of the country, Burlington County"s cost of living is 13.5% higher than the U.S. Average. Lakehurst"s expense of life is 16% greater than the U.S. Average.

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All homes have been renovated or changed with newly built homes. Privatization will administer families with access to quality dwellings in well-planned areas on Dix, McGuire and Lakehurst.

The prices for vehicle insurance and off-base real estate are very high. Execute not assume her insurance agency will be ready or able to insure your car in brand-new Jersey.

Free Pre-School programs are available for kids three and four years of period for children new to the Dix or McGuire communities.

School of an option for Dix and McGuire occupants (Pemberton Township or northern Burlington).

If you room going fishing in saltwater in NJ need to register at the NJ Saltwater to chat Registry regimen website-it"s FREE. Failure to it is registered is subject to a penalty of $300 come $3,000.

Defense service Network (DSN) Dialing Instructions

The DSN is the provider that long-distance communications business for the department of Defense (DoD). Every installation has actually a one-of-a-kind DSN number and the numbers differ by world-wide location. In bespeak to ar a speak to using DSN, the caller must utilize a armed forces phone on one installation. Cabinet phones cannot dial DSN numbers.

When dialing a DSN number indigenous a United states installation to one more United says installation, the is unnecessary come dial the DSN 312 area code. When dialing a DSN number to/from abroad locations, the DSN area code should be included.

In-Depth Overview


Camp Dix is named for MG man Adams Dix, veteran that the battle of 1812 and the polite War. During people War I, Camp Dix was a training and staging center that soon thrived to come to be the largest military preventive in the Northeast. On in march 8, 1939, ft Dix came to be a permanent army post and from 1947 till 1988, ft Dix to be designated together a simple Training Center. As a result of the base Realignment and Closure board of directors (BRAC) recommendations, fort Dix has end up being a major training and also mobilization facility for Reserve component soldiers. In 2005, basic realignment accuse designated fort Dix to become component of a mega-installation, merging through McGuire AFB and NAES Lakehurst.

Known together Rudd Field, and established as a part of the army in 1937, the base transferred to the Air pressure in 1949. The base is named in honor of significant Thomas B. McGuire, Jr., the 2nd leading American air Ace of people War II and also posthumous receiver of the Medal that Honor.

NAES Lakehurst dates ago to 1917, as soon as the command was created as the Naval aircraft Factory. Due to the fact that aircraft manufacturers were also busy building planes because that the Army, the Navy determined to construct the just aircraft factory ever to be fully owned and operated by the U.S. Government. After breaking ground in Philadelphia in august 1917, the first plane, an H-16 paris Boat, flew turn off to war eight month later. By the end of civilization War I, aircraft were coming off the heat at the rate of 2 airplanes per day. Experimental research and advance of new types of airplanes to be the thrust after ~ the war. Almost 1000 the the well known N3N "Yellow Peril" airplane were built here before and also during civilization War II. A complete of 1,407 plane of six types were developed during world War II, as were 1,300 plane engines. Hangars 5 and 6, constructed in 1943, are among the largest single-arch wooden frameworks in the world.

In 1962, the center ended up being the naval Air engineering Center. It to be reorganized in 1967 v various attributes moving come several various locations. In 1973, NAEC was moved to navy Air terminal Lakehurst. In 1977, existing Lakehurst commands were consolidated with NAEC, through NAEC as the host command. In 1992 the NAEC came to be the navy Air design Station, Lakehurst, NJ. Lakehurst is most renowned as the website of the 1937 crash the the hydrogen powered dirigible, the Hindenburg. ~ above 30 September 2009, a formal ceremony was organized to decommission NAES Lakehurst. Top top 1 October, 2009, Lakehurst formally combined to come to be Joint basic McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.

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In addition, over there are more than 60,000 retirees within a 50 mile radius.

Joint base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst supports over 45,000 energetic duty, guard, reserve, family members and civilian personnel.

In addition, there are much more than 60,000 retirees within a 50 mile radius of joint Base-McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.

Dix and also McGuire are located in Burlington County new Jersey (south central) in the Delaware flow Region, near new York City, Philadelphia, Atlantic City and also the famous brand-new Jersey Shore. The base is situated in a wooded, rural/agricultural area i m sorry is the least densely populated area in the state. This area is not only rich in the background of the American transformation but supplies a wide range of herbal open space, landscape farms, small pollution, minimal traffic and good entertainment venues. The cost of off-base housing and also car insurance is very high in this area. The base operator"s phone numbers space 609-562-1011 and 609-754-1011.

Lakehurst is located on the eastern section of Joint basic McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. - previously known as Naval Air engineering Station (NAES) Lakehurst.

Lakehurst lies on roughly 7,400 that the joint base"s 42,000 contiguous acres and is centrally located in the brand-new Jersey Pinelands. The east side that the base is a resort area situated geographically in a high cost of living region of the joined States. This is a suburban/rural community and also you will need a personal vehicle to take advantage of the services and activities in the area. The basic operator"s call number is 732-323-2011.

Traveling come Joint basic McGuire-Dix Lakehurst (McGuire and Dix)

Location & Background

JB MDL (McGuire and Dix) is situated southern brand-new Jersey in a lovely, rural agricultural area; the least densely populated component of the state. There is no pollution, no traffic and also very little crime in the area. JB MDL has basic access come the brand-new Jersey Turnpike and Interstate 295 and the city cities of brand-new York and also Philadelphia.

From Philadelphia international Airport

Airport spaceship Service

After picking-up your baggage from the Baggage insurance claim area prevent by the ground transport desk, ask because that the fast Rover shuttle Service. Vehicle drivers accept Visa, grasp Card and American Express.

Driving direction from Philadelphia Airport to JB MDL(about 50-minute ride to JB MDL):

For Air pressure personnel:

Head east take the ramp ~ above the left come I-95 N 0.7miKeep left at the fork, follow indicators for Philadelphia/I-95 N and also merge onto I-95 NTake departure 19 because that Interstate 76 toward Walt Whitman Br/Packer AvenueMerge ~ above I-76 E Entering new JerseyTake departure 1B to merge onto I-295 N toward TrentonExit onto Florence Rd/Rte 656Continue straight onto Columbus Rd Continue top top E key StContinue onto Mt satisfied RdTurn best onto Wrightstown Georgetown RdContinue on road after slight left and also you"ll it is in on McGuire access HwyContinue top top to key entrance to Joint base McGuire-Dix-LakehurstAfter passing through gate make the very first left prior to the circle into the parking area.Follow the parking area earlier around come the former buildings and also you"ll uncover Personnel (MPS).

For army Personnel:

Head east take the ramp on the left come I-95 N 0.7miKeep left in ~ the fork, follow signs for Philadelphia/I-95 N and also merge top top I-95 NTake departure 19 for Interstate 76 toward Walt Whitman Br/Packer AvenueMerge top top I-76 E Entering brand-new JerseyTake exit 1B to merge onto I-295 N toward TrentonExit onto Florence Rd/Rte 656Continue right onto Columbus Rd Continue onto E key StContinue top top Mt satisfied RdTurn best on path 68Continue top top 68 to go into Joint base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (limited Hours)Through the gate take third exit turn off circle top top Ft. Dix RoadTravel to next traffic circle and take the an initial right off circle - Delaware AveFollow Delaware to Bldg 5418 on her left side around 1 mile up.Parking is on earlier side the building.

Military and also Family Support center (MFSC) is situated at 3435 Broidy Road near the exchange.

From Newark worldwide Airport

New Jersey Transit Bus

From Terminal A, B or C take it bus 62 towards Newark Penn terminal Newark plane to large St.From wide St take bus 67B towards Toms Rivers via Brick Twp Parkway Express come Brick Plaza.From Brick Plaza take it Bus 317 towards Philadelphia to Dix or McGuire.New Jersey Transit Bus #67 operation from Newark to Lakewood Bus Terminal and also Bus #317 operation from Lakewood to Dix.

For extr information visit the NJ Transit website.Shuttle buses are accessible on JB-MDL. Because that information contact 609-562-5888. To gain shuttle schedule visit the JB MDL website (search).

Driving directions Driving native Newark global Airport (about 75-minute ride come JB MDL)

When departing the Newark global Airport follow indicators for NJ TurnpikeProceed south on NJ TurnpikeExit in ~ Bordentown, departure 7Bear left after ~ the toll to DixTake path 206 southern for roughly 1/4 mileTurn left onto course 68Proceed for about 8 miles - this will lug you to course 68 JB MDL Gate and onto the checkpoint.Continue come circle. Take first right turn off circle onto 4th Street.At blinking light (old Walson military Hospital will certainly be in former of you) turn ideal onto new Jersey AvenueTake left onto 8th StreetSoldiers - take it a left ~ above Delaware Avenue, go to 5418 Delaware Avenue because that in-processing.Airmen - proceed on 8th Street and make a left top top Texas Avenue, take 2nd right off circle come Wrightstown Road. Make a appropriate at web traffic light top top Cookstown Road.JB MDL checkpoint will certainly be to your right.

From man F. Kennedy global Airport (about two-hour journey to JB MDL)

There is no military or straight commercial transportation from JFK come JB MDL. Princeton wait porter operates a scheduled run native JFK IAP come Newark IAP. Native Newark IAP travelers en route to JB- MDL deserve to switch come the new Jersey Transit bus (see NJ Transit Bus information mentioned over ).

Directions Driving indigenous Washington, D.C.

Take I-95 to brand-new JerseyAfter departing Delaware Memorial leg look because that 295N signsStay top top 295N exiting at exit 40A - Moorestown, NJ to route 38 EastStay on path 38 eastern through mount Laurel, Hainesport, mountain Holly to Pemberton for about 15 milesRoad will narrow to one lane prior to turn at web traffic light in PembertonTurn left onto route 616 (Pemberton-Wrightstown Rd)Proceed because that 4-5 mile bearing left after the blinking irradiate to the web traffic light at path 68At the light do a appropriate to the Dix checkpointProceed through the checkpointTake first right turn off circle onto 4th Street to traffic light (old Walson army Hospital will certainly be in prior of you)Turn best onto brand-new Jersey Avenue.

Trenton Amtrak Train Station

Call 1-800-872-7245 for Amtrak information. Over there is no NJ Transit bus transportation from the Trenton Train terminal to JB MDL, but local taxi service is available. Proximity to website is around 25 minutes.

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Traveling come Joint basic McGuire-Dix Lakehurst (Lakehurst)

There space no mass transit services straight to Lakehurst. For info on windy Transit in NJ, visit the NJ Transit website.

From Philadelphia global Airport

North to leave for Walt Whitman bridge ($2 toll)After bridge, follow indications to course 295 NorthRoute 295 north to path 195 east (follow indications & continue to be right when nearing 195 East)Route 195 east to leave 16. Left onto route 537Route 537 to course 571 (2nd light). Right onto route 571Route 571 to course 547 (right at 2nd light-Ridgeway Liquor)Proceed to main gate

From Newark Airport

Parkway south to leave 88 (Route 70 West)Follow signs on course 70 West to course 547 and also turn best (Gulf terminal on right, McDonalds on left)Bear left under 547 and also proceed around ¼ mile to main gate (second gate-after the commercial gate)

From Philadelphia"s 30th Street Train Station

East on market Street to 5th streetLeft on 5th - two blocks come Ben Franklin bridge ($2 toll)Cross bridge onto Admiral Wilson Blvd. (Route 30-to Cherry Hill)2½ mile on Admiral Wilson Blvd. To course 70 EastStay on course 70 east about 45 milesTurn left at course 547 (There will certainly be a traffic circle two lights before the rotate with the Mike-O-Neal motel on the left. At547, Gulf station on left and McDonalds on the right.)Bear left ~ above 547 and proceed about ¼ mile to key gate (second gate-after the industrial gate)

From Trenton Train Station

Clinton Ave to Hamilton Ave (right at second light)Hamilton Ave to following light. Turn left onto course 129 South.Route 129 to course 195 east (Shore Points)Route 195 east to exit 16. Left onto path 537Route 537 to route 571 (2nd light). Right onto path 571Route 571 to course 547 (right at second light-Ridgeway Liquor)Proceed to main gate

Driving come Lakehurst native Patauxent River

Route 2 to 301 east or north301 (about 896E (4miles) to 13N13N (16 miles) to Delaware River bridge ($2)Immediately together you leave bridge, acquire on 295NRoute 295 phibìc to course 195 eastern (follow signs & continue to be right when nearing 195 East)Route 195 east to exit 16. Left onto path 537Route 537 to route 571 (2nd light). Appropriate onto path 571Route 571 to route 547 (right at second light-Ridgeway Liquor)Proceed to main gate

What come do once You arrive at the former Gate

When you arrive at the front gate, show proper ID and also seek accuse from gate Guard. You may be intended to detour come the happen & i would office throughout working hrs to produce ideal paperwork because that the auto that you room driving (registration, insurance, etc.)