There to be a rumour no long ago that walk the rounds on society media and also blogging sites, claiming that Lily Potter was pregnant as soon as she was killed. This is of food something the is never mentioned in the books, however that doesn"t necessarily make it untrue.

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Has J.K. Rowling ever addressed this rumour to check or deny it? and also if it has been confirmed, is there anything to suggest this had any kind of effect ~ above the protective charm i m sorry was put on Harry when she died?



simply wait until JK Rowling gets bored and also is the end of the news for a little, tweet this to her, climate she will no doubt retweet it together canon.
It"s certainly feasible (heck, anything"s possible), but there"s certain no evidence that this rumour is anything other than pure fan-fiction.

There"s nothing in the seven ten HP publications to suggest that Lily Potter to be pregnant, nor has actually J.K. Rowling issued any post-facto statements that would indicate that that was the case, nor has she issued any twits the speak come this issue.

As tough as the is come prove a negative, without any kind of proof, i think we can call this one debunked.


She was practically certainly no noticeably pregnant

Harry witnessed his mommy on many occasions in Deathly Hallows, yet he never said or walk anything to indicate that she looked also remotely pregnant. Because that instance, he observed her in Voldemort"s memory, moments prior to her death:

A door opened and also the mommy entered, saying words he could not hear, her long dark-red hair fallout’s over she face. Now the dad scooped up the son and also handed him come the mother. That threw his wand under upon the sofa and also stretched, yawning....

He additionally saw a picture of her in Snape"s memory, native shortly prior to she died:

Snape took the page bearing Lily"s signature, and her love, and tucked it inside his robes. Climate he ripped in 2 the photo he was likewise holding, so the he retained the part from i beg your pardon Lily laughed, throw the portion showing James and also Harry earlier onto the floor, under the chest the drawers....

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Had Harry seen that she was pregnant the surely would have actually said something. Us can thus presumably for sure conclude that Lily was no noticeably pregnant at the moment she died.