Two loners are attracted into a deadly alternate world wherein they must battle monsters when deciphering the secret of a girl trapped in a crystal...

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After a disastrous childhood, Kakeru and his girlfriend Yuka room both mysteriously actors into an alternating world, chased through creatures intent on death them.

Back in the Red Night dimension, Kakeru and also Yuka satisfy a young woman named Misuzu ... Before they find a girl trapped in ~ a strange crystal.

Planning because that the following time they room taken to the Red Night, and also hoping to protect Yuka, Kakeru asks Misuzu come teach him some sword skills...

Kakeru and Yuka discover themselves once an ext in the Red Night. Yet when they're assaulted by the black color Knights, can Kakeru awaken his power in time?

Kakeru and Yuka satisfy a mute dubbed Kukuri, who bears a striking same to Kakeru's dead sisters ... And the Red Night drops once again!
Kakeru is grounding in a coma, tormented with pain-and his previous memories. Misuzu, hoping to heal him, make the efforts a ritual. The Eye the Aeon activates ...
Red Night has actually fallen and Yuka is on the operation ... Alone. At the same time Lissette awakens and tries to check the borders of the decision barrier.
Yuka awakens to discover Kakeru safely beside her. Later, Misuzu discovers crack in the oni barrier. Tiny do they know, they are all gift watched...
Shiori tells Kakeru that just he deserve to stop the demon, but things get weird when Tajima battles a Superbia clone, while Misuzu fights the genuine Superbia.
Kakeru and Misuzu discover from Shiori the if all the fragments of the Void rock are collected, Liselotte will be freed ... And will destroy the world.
Liselotte has actually awakened, and Yuka's fragment that the void stone puts she in mortal danger. Misuzu and also Kakeru do a "ritual" to power up his abilities...

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Kakeru decides to take it his own life, and Liselotte tries come flee, but she and Avaritia are drawn into the dimensional rift... Is this the end?
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