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Want come stream Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, and more? Here"s our overview to where the mirrors are currently obtainable in the U.S.

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UDPATED: October 2021

We get this question a lot: How deserve to I clock Stargate episodes and movies online?

Whether you are brand new to the Stargate franchise or simply looking come revisit a favourite episode, over there are places you have the right to legally clock Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, SGU, and also the movie on the internet – at the very least with the ideal subscription. (Episodes and full periods are also easily accessible for sale, if you’d quite download it to own. A complete Blu-ray collection is additionally now available.)

Here’s a quick and handy guide for where the mirrors are currently streaming for U.S. Viewers.

Outside the U.S. Check these and also other digital streaming services and retail outlets. Legal rights differ from one country to the next, and they change from time come time. If girlfriend don’t need episodes on demand, Stargate is also currently being broadcast (typically one or two episodes per day) top top Comet and also on MGM’s Sci-Fi channel ~ above Roku.

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If you room watching v the entire franchise, check out our crucial Episodes clock lists recommended Viewing Order!

Only desire SG-1’s episodes that are important to the ongoing storylines? reduced your the town hall time in fifty percent with’s Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.
We will shot to save this guide updated as things change. If you recognize of a change in among the show’s virtual availability, you re welcome drop us a tip!



Where to Watch: Hulu & Netflix

Hulu: every 10 seasons of SG-1 are easily accessible to present on Hulu (with a paid subscription). Hulu expenses $5.99 per month v ads, or $11.99 every month ad-free.

Netflix: all 10 periods are at this time streaming top top Netflix. Once last us checked periods 1-4 room in 4:3, and also Seasons 5-10 space in 16:9 widescreen. (Note to brand-new viewers: Netflix has actually erroneously labelled the entire collection as “TV-MA,” despite adult content shows up only in the very first episode. In this instance that is full-frontal female nudity.)

Here’s the order we recommend you clock them in — particularly if you space mixing Stargate Atlantis in there, too.)

Amazon: The show’s ten seasons are no longer contained with Amazon element (as the February 28, 2021). This availability changes native time come time, therefore check earlier if you are waiting because that SG-1 and the other series to go back to Prime.

Episodes and seasons are accessible for purchase from: iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, and also other sleeve sites.

Video Quality: If you have a selection between Hulu and Netflix, watch SG-1 on Hulu. Neither has the higher-quality widescreen duplicates that were previously easily accessible on Amazon prime Video, yet at least Hulu has the initial cable modify without hard act breaks.



Where to Watch: Hulu

Hulu: All five seasons of SGA are accessible to watch v your Hulu subscription.

Episodes and seasons are obtainable for purchase from: iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, and also other retail sites.

Video Quality: Stargate Atlantis is obtainable in both HD and standard definition. (At retail, HD that course operation a couple of bucks more.) Streaming services will stream the highest quality your Internet link is able come handle.



Where come Watch: Hulu

Hulu: Both seasons are obtainable on Hulu in your entirety.

Episodes and seasons are accessible for purchase from: iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, and also other retail sites.

Video Quality: Stargate Universe is accessible in both HD and standard definition.



Where to Watch: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu & YouTube

Netflix: The 1994 Stargate attribute film is currently obtainable to watch on Netflix.

Hulu: The 1994 Stargate function film is easily accessible to watch on Hulu, right now only through the Showtime add-on package.

YouTube Movies: for a limited time Stargate: The Ark of Truth and also Stargate: Contiuum are at this time streaming for complimentary (with ads) top top YouTube movie in the unified States.

Amazon prime subscribers with the STARZ add-on can uncover The Ark of Truth and Continuum. The SG-1 movie are likewise on Hulu with the STARZ add-on.

The original film likewise does not show up to be obtainable for sale at present. But the 2 SG-1 movie are obtainable to rent or acquisition from: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, and other sleeve sites.

The Stargate SG-1 films are sometimes accessible for complimentary via the Hoopla digital service in the U.S., which requires an account v a participating library. To accessibility this organization you have to have a library card, and your library should be a Hoopla subscriber.

Video Quality: The Stargate movies are easily accessible in both HD and also standard definition.



Where to Watch: Amazon

Stargate Origins was initially released in February and March, 2018, as a 10-part net series. It streamed specifically at MGM’s official web site, Since that site went offline in ~ the finish of 2019, Origins is no longer obtainable anywhere in this format. (Find an ext details on the site’s closure here.)

In June the 2018 the series was re-cut together the feature-length movie Stargate Origins: Catherine. The is obtainable to buy native iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Vudu, and also elsewhere.

Video Quality: Stargate Origins is available in both HD and also standard definition.



The 2002 animated series is no an official part of Stargate’s canon — and also it isn’t accessible to stream digital for complimentary from any type of of the significant carriers. But you can currently watch v Amazon element by to buy the “CONtv” add-on business ($4.99 per month after ~ a 7-day totally free trial).

Hoopla also has all 26 episodes obtainable to borrow. This is a service easily accessible only come public libraries — therefore you need to have a library card, and also your library have to be a Hoopla subscriber. Then you have the right to “check out” episodes because that 72 hours at a time, and also watch them through mobile devices, a internet browser, and details streaming apps. Over there are boundaries to the variety of items you can borrow in a month.

Infinity ran because that a solitary season and is available for acquisition on DVD.



Licensing rights frequently change. At existing only the original function film and Stargate SG-1 space streaming top top Netflix in the joined States. Bookmark this web page for updates!

There are much more than 350 illustration of Stargate … so acquire to it! whether it’s your very first time or her fiftieth, we hope you gain watching.

While you clock you can find deep-dive episode analyses right right here at, together with discussion forums because that every season and episode, cast and also crew interviews, the Stargate Omnipedia, and also much much more to save you company along the way.

This guide is exact as of the date noted at the top.

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If you’ve spotted a change on one of these streaming services, you re welcome take a moment and let us know.