Are you preparing because that a substantial painting project or making some house improvements? even if it is you’re sprucing increase the exterior or inner of her home, re-painting a boat, putting up a huge fence, or other even an ext significant, you can need to plan ahead. One of the first factors to consider is exactly how much go a gallon of repaint weigh?

On average, a gallon of paint weighs somewhere in between 6 and 12 pounds. However, the exact weight varies based upon the form and brand. Acrylic, latex, enamel, and oil-based paints all differ in density and also weight. Five-gallon buckets weigh lot more, in between 40 and 60 pounds.

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Let’s look at the varying repaint types an ext in-depth, so you know the weight of her paint prior to you transport it. In this article, fine even include a table through the specific weight that 20 actual repaint gallons for your convenience.


Latex is the paint of choice for home development and building and construction projects. It’s well known for both exterior and interior walls. If she re-painting your home, latex paint is most likely the ideal option. It dries quickly, and also cleanup is fairly simple because it’s water-based.

Because it’s water-based, this paint kind is non-toxic and also is much more eco-friendly. The fumes room not together harmful together oil-based paints, so girlfriend only need moderate ventilation to work with the paint. It’s likewise water-soluble, making clean up much an ext straightforward. It will come the end of her brushes, tools, carpet, or clothes better than any type of oil-based paint.

On average, a gallon of latex repaint is about 11.3 lbs. The weight will certainly vary based on the brand.

One gallon frequently covers about 400 ft2 with the first coat, so you may need rather a couple of gallons for a large painting job prefer the interior of your home. If you’re painting the ceilings, trim, cabinets, and also doors, the task could include up to include pounds of paint in the hundreds.

Due come the high water content, you likewise need to store latex paint at temperatures over 40 levels F. Otherwise, the cold may affect the dry time later. It’s also best come avoid applying it in cold temperatures or climates.


Enamel paint refers to plenty of paint types. It could mean the finish or the product inside the paint. Enamel paint generally dries quickly, and the result is a hard, glossy finish that’s best for painting cars, RVs, and also boats. You’ll watch enamel paints for outdoor use, prefer a porch, patio furniture, and stair railings. It’s additionally sometimes in basements and garages come seal and also protect concrete floors.

Finding the specific weight the enamel repaint is tricky. The paint category includes a broad selection of options. Enamels deserve to be acrylic or oil-based, and also the density of the repaint depends top top the manufacturer together well. You deserve to multiply the thickness by volume to discover the load if she unsure what kind of repaint you have.

Automotive enamels generally weigh about 11 pounds. The weight varies based upon the brand and also color together well.

With enamel, you may paint something where you should account for the final dry weight of the paint, such together a derby car, boat, or airplane. The dry weight is significantly less.


Oil-based paints have actually a much more extended background than water-based paints. They were the only paint choice for hundreds of years. Today’s oil-based paints consist of a pigment exposed in organic linseed oil or a fabricated solvent known as alkyd. Friend may uncover other oils supplied in natural options as well, prefer walnut oil.

The toxicity is a significant consideration v oil-based paints. You must use fist when applying the paint and also make certain you have ideal ventilation at every times, particularly with big jobs. The toxin also affect the environment. VOCs add to ozone damage. You require harsh chemistry like paint thinners or mineral spirits to clean your tools and brushes after ~ use.

You probably wouldn’t usage oil-based paints on her walls, but you might use them come trim, fixtures, handrails, and also other small items roughly your home’s interior and exterior. The paint’s durability to water provides it terrific for standing up to the elements.

On average, a gallon that oil-based paint weighs approximately 6.7 lbs and also covers 400 ft2. The load varies based upon the basic you use, the color, and also the surface ar you use the repaint to. Some colors have much more color pigment 보다 others, for this reason high-quality brands may weigh more.

However, oil has a lower in its entirety density 보다 water. This means an oil-based paint is lighter 보다 the very same amount the acrylic or latex paint. Dry oil-based paint also has a much reduced weight, i beg your pardon is crucial for understanding or craft projects.

Is repaint Heavier 보다 Water?

Even though part paints space water-based, the non-water ingredients account for the weight. Some paints might be half water in their weight but remain lighter than water itself.

Paint is much heavier than water, i beg your pardon is why a gallon of repaint weighs an ext than 8.35 pounds. You deserve to assume the mean latex family paint has a density of 1.2 or 20% more than water, therefore a gallon amounts to 10 pounds.

For comparison, one oil-based clear varnish has no repaint pigments. The density is about 80% of water, do a gallon weigh 6.7 pounds.

Weight of paint per Liter

Because acrylic and also oil-based paints generally come in smaller sized measurements, you may want to account because that the weight of your repaint per liter. A liter the acrylic paint weighs roughly three pounds. However, ounces is the standard unit of measurements since it comes in smaller sized amounts. That said, the weight depends on the brand and also color.

When walk the load of Dry paint Matter?

Once dry, a gallon of paint weighs much less. Because that example, a gallon of dry latex repaint weighs as small as 4 pounds contrasted to the 11.3-pound mean of wet paint.

When paint dries, much of the weight evaporates. However, the weight of the dry repaint itself can influence the thing you’re paint significantly.

The weight of dry repaint on walls and ceiling doesn’t affect your house much. But painting furniture or automotive projects deserve to have a far-reaching impact.

Understanding how a paint’s weight alters as it dries is helpful if you’re taking on a large project, such as an RV or a boat. You want the watercraft to to rise after girlfriend re-paint, for this reason you must make sure to account for the added weight.

If you should know how much your repaint will sweet after that dries, inspect the distributor’s material safety data sheet. The sheet should contain a chart through the percent of solids in the paint.

For example, a repaint with 60% solids has 40% water. This details tells you that you have actually at least 4 pounds that water if your paint weighs 10 pounds for each gallon. That method you have six pounds the solids. The solids are what account for the paint’s load after the dries.

If you use much less than the entire gallon, you have the right to still uncover the dry repaint weight. Multiply the solid load by the percent of repaint you use.


You may need to figure out her paint’s weight for plenty of different reasons. Big projects are a massive example. You might need to carry the repaint from the keep safely, for example. To find your repaint gallon’s weight, you require to recognize the type. Indigenous there, friend can uncover the paint’s density. Alternatively, examine with the manufacturer because that the specific weight.

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