Science >> Chemistry for KidsWater is among the most necessary substances on world Earth. All develops of life require water come live. Water is constantly moving around the planet through the water cycle.

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What is water?Like all "stuff", water is made up of molecules. Possibly you have actually heard water referred to as H2O? This is in reality the chemistry formula for the molecule that provides up water. The H means hydrogen atoms and also the O because that oxygen atoms. Each water molecule is comprised of 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.
Water Molecule
States of WaterWe know that water isn"t always "wet", occasionally it"s frozen right into ice or snow. Depending upon the temperature and energy the the molecule in water, water can exist in 3 states:Ice - ice cream is the solid kind of water. When water gets listed below 0 levels C (32 deg F) it will certainly freeze and also become ice.Liquid - This is the wet stuff we drink and swim roughly in.Vapor - as soon as water evaporates or gets over 100 degrees C and also starts boiling, water turns into its gas state dubbed vapor.

Water ~ above EarthWater is literally anywhere the Earth. Around 70% the the Earth"s surface ar is covered in water. Around 97% the the Earth"s water is in the oceans. This water is salt water and we can"t drink it. Another 2.4% of the Earth"s water is frozen water in glaciers and the polar ice cream caps. This leaves about 0.6% of the water together freshwater in rivers and also lakes that we can drink.
Does water have actually taste?Pure water actually has actually no taste in ~ all. What girlfriend taste once you drink tap water or bottled water is minerals and also other substances that have dissolved in the water.Is there water on other planets?Yes, water is in a lot of areas in outer space. This is because the two facets in water, Hydrogen and Oxygen are two that the most abundant facets in the universe. Lot of the water us know about on other planets is ice. Water ice deserve to be discovered on the Moon, Mars, in Saturn"s rings, Pluto, and also on Comets. Water vapor is also found in the settings of other planets prefer Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.Uses the WaterWe usage water for an ext things than just drinking. We usage it in agriculture to grow food, in cleaning to wash our clothes and dishes, in firefighting to placed out fires, and also in hydropower to produce energy v dams. This are just a couple of ways we use water in ours lives.Fun Facts around WaterWater is regularly used together the traditional in scientific measurements such as temperature and volume.Water that is good for drinking is referred to as potable water.Seventy percent of a human"s body is made up of water.Water dissolves an ext types of materials than any kind of other liquid.In the united States, the average human being will use approximately 80 gallons of water a day. We usage the many water through flushing toilets.Ice is less thick than water enabling giant icebergs to float on optimal of the ocean.

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