The power plant has an effectiveness of 36%. This way 64% of the heat form the resource (q1) will become waste heat. Of the waste heat, 85% will be taken far by water (qw).

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qw = 0.85 * q2

q2 = 0.64 * q1

p = 0.36 * q1

q1 = ns /0.36

q2 = 0.64/0.36 * p

qw = 0.85 *0.64/0.36 * p

qw = 0.85 *0.64/0.36 * 600 = 907 MW

In evaporation water becomes vapor soaking up heat without going to the boiling allude (similar to just how sweating takes heat from the person body)

The latent warm for the vaporization of water is:

SLH = 2.26 MJ/kg

So, come dissipate 907 MW

G = qw * SLH = 907 / 2.26 = 401.3 kg/s

A lesser lot of heat will be drawn up from the mass to be cooled per unit mole of the new liquid vaporized, compared to the quantity of warmth that will be drawn by vaporizing a unit mole of water. Because that the instance of methane, five mole of methane needs to be vaporized to gain the very same cooling effect of a mole of water.


For a liquid prefer water to vaporize, that must attract a certain amount of power from the neighboring in bespeak for some of its molecule to get enough energy to an episode of the surface ar of the liquid as gas. If the heat of vaporization that water is around -40 kJ/mol, it means that because that a mole that water to change from fluid to gas, the must attract up 40 kJ worth of heat from that surrounding. The impact is that the bordering mass accident 40 kJ worth of heat, and cools down. If we should now use a new liquid, speak methane with heat of vaporization of around -8kJ/mol, five moles of methane requirements to be vaporized to get the very same cooling impact of vaporizing a mole of water; since the warm that will be attracted by a mole the the methane is just bout 8 kJ.

Answer : Evaporative salts are majorly supplied as usual salts or halites, which are highly and widely provided to preserve foods, dye fabric, and also de-ice roads.

Explanation : Evaporative salt are created by evaporation the the sea water thus it is called as evaporative salts. This are mostly extracted v evaporation from seawater. The salt from shallow ponds whereby the seawater gets collected in a land, which is later harvested and also then purified.

Because of the big heat the of water, the evaporation indigenous a liquid surface is a an extremely effective cooling mechanism.


The person body makes use of evaporative cooling by to give off energy even when surrounded by a temperature higher than body temperature.


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Because that the huge heat that vaporization the water, the evaporation indigenous a liquid surface ar is a very effective cooling mechanism. The human being body provides use the evaporative cooling through perspiration to give off power even when surrounded by a temperature higher than human body temperature.


Vaporization is the name provided to the physical revolution from liquid to gaseous. In this transformation there room only changes in the physical character of the matter, that is, ~ its occurrence, the issue remains through the same constitution (composition). The water goes through the vaporization process that transforms from fluid water come water vapor v temperature. Due to the good heat of water vaporization, the evaporation that a liquid surface is a very effective cooling mechanism.

Perspiration, in turn, is a normal and also healthy bodily function, which begins to take place a few months ~ birth. People perspire come cool their body temperature. In science, this procedure is called thermoregulation. Once it occurs, the mind sends a signal to more than 3 million glands in the body, which immediately release sweat. Sweat is a liquid created of water, salts and also proteins. As we sweat, this liquid evaporates indigenous the skin to mitigate body temperature. The human being body makes use of evaporative cooling by perspiration to relax energy, also when surrounding by a temperature above body temperature.

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m = 367.753 kg.s



Power plant volume W=600 MW

Plant efficiency is




QH = 1666.6 MW

from an initial law that thermodynamics us hvae

QH -QR = W

Amount of heat rejection is QR = 1066.66 MW

As per provided information we have 15% heat released come atmosphere


AND 85% to cooling water


from saturated water table

at temp 150 level c we have actually Hfg = 2465.4 kJ/kg

rate the cooiling water is provided as = mhfg


m = 367.753 kg.s

where m is price of makeup water that is included to offset

Option (1), (3) and (5).


Positive feedback mechanism also exist in the environment that increases the causative result of the environment. The setting can readjust the temperature, precipitation and other climatic problems of the area.

The lack of moisture in Sahara desert and also deforestation can reason the tree extinction. The temperature have the right to be boosted by the eco-friendly house gases as the warmth atmosphere causes evaporation. The snow gets melted because of increase in temperature and also the floor becomes more darker.

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Thus, the correct answer is option (1), (3) and (5).

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