“Rainbow Lady” through Prab Bhatia

Mixing different species of bird in one aviary is extremely popular for many reasons. Some want to produce an aesthetically satisfaction mix of various colors, others try to produce region-themed “habitat aviaries”, if others just don’t have actually enough space to residence all your young birds before sale.

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Housing parrots and also finches in the same aviary is absolutely achievable, but it must only be attempted v certain types with a good deal of treatment taken to minimize the risks.


The most significant risk affiliated with housing parrots and also finches together is the dimension difference in between the birds. Squabbles and territorial disputes in between birds housed in close proximity are stclairdrake.netmon, yet a fight between a parrot and also a finch is almost always going to finish badly because that the finch.

Parrots and finches in a confined an are are additionally prone come mid-air collisions – especially when startled. When two birds of substantially various sizes collide, the influence on the smaller sized bird might be fatal.


Housing Considerations

Aviary Size

Mixed collections should not be attempted in small aviaries. Anything smaller sized than 50 square feet must not it is in attempted; ideally the aviary should be bigger than 200-300 square feet. Many hiding places and sight barriers should be offered to allow birds to escape one another and also multiple nesting areas should be provided.


Finches and parrots commonly have various dietary requirements. The is feasible to mix parrot seed and finch seed with each other in one feeding station, yet in the interest of aviary harmony multiple feed stations should be provided.

stclairdrake.netpatible Parrot Species

Parrots in the Neophema genus are many stclairdrake.netmonly housed v finches. These encompass the Scarlet-chested parrot, Turquoise parrot, Elegant parrot, rock parrot, Blue-winged parrots; add to the very closely related Bourke’s parrot. They are arguably the many placid parrot stclairdrake.netmonly obtainable in aviculture and rarely display aggression, back the suggestions above should still be imposed – especially during their reproduction season.

Domesticated budgerigars (known as budgies or simply “parakeets”) are very aggressive and also should no be housed through finches. However, wild-type budgerigars; known as “bush budgies” or “shell parakeets,” space substantially much less aggressive and also can be housed with finches in very large aviaries.

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Purple-crowned Lorikeet through Rexness

The smaller lorikeet species, such as the tiny lorikeet and also Purple-crowned lorikeet, have been efficiently housed through finches by some keepers. When again, this is just achievable v a very large aviary. Lorikeets likewise have daunting dietary demands that make them unsuitable for beginners.

Larger parrots choose the humble Cockatiel or the Plum-headed parakeet can also be housed v finches. Levels of aggression vary in between individual birds so it’s important to monitor the aviary diligently. It’s usually vital to separate the parrots throughout the breeding season once they are most aggressive.

Closing Thoughts

While real estate finches and parrots with each other is achievable and also produces a stunning mix that colours, reproduction results are almost always reduced than those completed in single-species aviaries. At some point it’s approximately you to decision whether the aesthetic benefits outweigh the risks and also costs.