Bob Dylan ‘s net worth isaround $180 millionaccording to Celebrity net Worth.

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Bob has always had a great passion because that engines, cars, but over all motorcycles.

Dylan’s chrash it’s the most analyzed motorcycle crash in pop-culture history, yet details have actually been as difficult to pen down.

Or possibly the crash was a tall tale. Bob Dylan tumbled native a Triumph motorcycle top top a sunny Friday morning ~ above July 29, 1966.

Looking end Robbie Robertson’s memoirs the The band circa 1967 while recording at huge Pink in the West Saugerties not far from Dylan’s house we get a various impression the Bob’s health. Bob is driving the blue 1964 Ford terminal wagon. He’d quit wearing a neck brace and also was able to revolve his head. He was able to record music and also play etc so nerve damages was minimal or non existent. A young neck fracture deserve to heal in 6 to 8 weeks therefore it appears Bob’s neck injuries to be correctable and not as drastic as the press made the seem. It suggests strongly Bob provided the accident to protect against the touring abuse and also regain manage of his career. No one have the right to fault him because that that.

In his 2004 autobiography,Chronicles: Volume One, Dylan wrote,““I had been in a motorcycle accident and I’d to be hurt, but I recovered. Reality was that I want to obtain out of the rat race. Having actually children adjusted my life and also segregated me native just about everybody and also everything the was walking on. Exterior of my family, nothing held any real interest for me and also I to be seeing whatever through various glasses.” and also that’s around as close to an main account the the crash us have.


Dylan had secret surrounds the motorbike accident. No ambulance to be called, he didn’t visit a hospital, and there is no police record of the accident.His an initial wife was driving behind him and also it is claimed he was taken to a nearby home wherein he was often tended to by a doctor.

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Rumours abounded. Was it a hoax? one excuse to take time off? had actually the injuries been more serious than reported? was Dylan covertly desperately incapacitated? maybe permanently? Or was it a cover approximately conceal a medicine scandal?


“The very first expensive point I bought v my first big paycheck to be a baby blue 1966 Ford Mustang convertible. But a guy who worked for me rolling it down a hill in Woodstock and it smashed into a truck. I acquired 25 bucks because that it.”

“So the best kinds of song you can write space in motel rooms and also cars . . . Locations which space all temporary. ‘Cause you’re compelled to do it. Rather, it allows you enter it.”

Dylan had married Lownds, a previous Playboy bunny and model in November 1965. A quiet, reserved form with no interest in celebrity or the trappings that fame, Sara presented a possibility for patience domesticity, the absolute opposite of noþeles Dylan had actually so far known in his adult life.