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It"s time to adjust the antifreeze in mine 2002 Vulcan. Here"s a small antifreeze history. I bought the vehicle in 2007 and also the auto had non-descript shade antifreeze - ns couldn"t tell if it to be greenish yellow or yellowish green. Somewhere I uncovered a chart that stated to use green antifreeze in that model which ns did. Currently it"s time to carry out it again and also I was wondering what the existing thinking is around antifreeze. I"m also seeing a small brownish discoloration in the expansion tank. Any recommendations on whether I need a do the washing up or will repetitive flushings v water suffice. Also, execute I require to add a deserve to of rust inhibitor after instead of the antifreeze?Thanks, Tom
Tom Evans1992 Gen 2 Vulcan (sold in ~ 232,000)2002 Gen 4 Vulcan 209,0002002 Chev Suburban 157,0001981 Mercedes 300SD 289,0001982 Mercedes 300SD 307,000
The coolant to usage is suppose to be environment-friendly in color. But there is a yellow lengthy life coolant that can be supplied in it"s place. The yellow coolant is compatible and also can be blended with green and also red coolant. Either means if you"re changing the coolant do the washing up the system out by running water with it. Likewise if you feel choose it, a bottle of coolant do the washing up wouldn"t hurt it either. When all done that refill the system, run the engine it spins the thermostat open and permits the air to come out. The peak of the cooling system. After ~ the engine cools down, inspect the coolant level.


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