What does bumbaclot mean?

Bumbaclot is Jamaican slang tantamount to “douchebag” or “motherfucker,” frequently used together an interjection to express horrible or dismay. It’s additionally spelled bumboclaat or bomboclaat, amongst other spellings.

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It’s an insulting vulgarity the literally describes either expression pads or toilet paper.


The native bumbaclot is a kind of the Jamaican English bumboclaat, a term because that a sanitary napkin or bathroom wipes recorded since 1956. Bombo (or bumba) likely comes from West african words choose the Fante bumbo, referring to the vulva yet likely similar to the English bum, or “butt.” Clot (or claat) is cloth, in keeping with Jamaican English, which regularly drops a TH sound because that a tough T (e.g., fit instead of fifth).

Together, then, bumboclaat is literally the towel for the nether regions—either a menstrual towel (rather than disposable pads) or a fabric for wiping your target (in the days prior to widespread restroom paper). Bumbaclot has come to be a typical rendering that the hatchet in the Jamaican diaspora, such together in southern London.

The usage of bumbaclot as an humiliation is said to come from members the the Rasta religious beliefs in Jamaica. Based on the Old testimony of the Bible, part Rastafarians think that sleeping with menstruating woman is sinful. The taboo nature of menstruation brought over into Jamaican famous culture, the goes, in the type of bumbaclot as a general term of abuse. Bloodclaat (“blood cloth”) and also ras clot (“butt cloth”) space variants.


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By the mid-1970s, bumbaclot was being offered by Jamaicans living in new York City to average “bullshit.” early examples of bumbaclot to typical “fucking” or “motherfucker” surfaced in the 1980s. The never totally went mainstream, yet it ended up being briefly component of American gangland slang in the so late 1980–90s to mean “motherfucker.”

Today, like numerous four-letter words (think fuck), bumbaclot can it is in a noun (what a bumbaclot), full (this bumbaclot store), verb (don’t girlfriend bumbaclot me), or exclamation (Bumbaclot! I fucked up my hand). When offered with a own adjective (my bumbaclot), it way roughly “I’m fucked,” as in you’r most likely a target of violence. Bumbaclot can likewise refer to your companion cheating ~ above you. The term bumbaclot rude boy taken with each other basically means a Rasta wanker.

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In fall 2019, bumbaclot, under the spelling bomboclaat, go viral along the lines of sco pa tu mana, a nonsense expression made popular by a Ghanaian rapper. Reportedly not understanding its origins in Jamaican English, individuals posted bombclaat as a feeling expression that surprise, shock, and other emotions.