Demi Lovato is not just an exceptional singer, however she"s likewise a compelling storyteller, miscellaneous she has tackled again through her album, Dancing with the Devil...The arts of starting Over.

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The extremely anticipated tracks dropped top top April 2, 2021, an superior 19 in total.

Lovato also created a four-part documentary, Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil, which fight YouTube on march 23, 2021, and also culminates on April 6, 2021. There"s a running template through both the docuseries and the album: Lovato"s near-fatal overdose in 2018, per Billboard. Lovato has been open about her struggle with addiction, and also she noted how her issues started when she was a young Disney star. The "Sorry not Sorry" singer even shared the horrifying details of the night she overdosed.

Although these details space harrowing, Lovato has taken a view of honesty and also openness, and also those traits have remained the same with she song, "Dancing through the Devil." Here"s what the song really means.

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Demi Lovato"s "Dancing through the Devil" can be an overwhelming listening for some, as it bluntly addresses her history with addiction. Lovato starts the song by singing, "It"s simply a tiny red wine, I"ll it is in fine/ Not choose I wanna perform this every night/ I"ve to be good, don"t ns deserve it?/ ns think i earned it, feels choose it"s worth it," she sings, per Genius.

Lovato cd driver home concepts that some who struggle with addiction could find familiar: Reward-seeking and also bargaining. When Lovato sings, "I"ll it is in fine/ Not favor I wanna execute this every night," it touch on what the Yale newspaper of Biology and Medicine discusses in relapse prevention. "In bargaining, individuals start to think the scenarios in i m sorry it would certainly be agree to use," the website states. "Another type of bargaining is when people start come think the they deserve to relapse periodically, perhaps in a regulated way," the newspaper adds. Lovato"s track is likewise compelling because of the poetic way it viewpoints the stark subject matter. "I was dancing v the devil, the end of control/ nearly made it come Heaven/ It to be closer 보다 you know/ Playing with the enemy, gambling with my soul," she sings in the chorus.

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Fans ~ above Twitter appreciate Lovato"s sincere message. "I"m for this reason proud that her," one pan tweeted. An additional wrote, "She is for this reason strong! Love her so much." So perform we!

If friend or who you understand is struggling v substance abuse and mental health, please contact SAMHSA"s 24-hour nationwide Helpline in ~ 1-800-662-HELP (4357).