The dictionary says they all average "bedroom"; I suspect it"s a regional/dialectical thing.

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What are these words supplied for in her country/region and which of these is the most usual one because that "bedroom" in your country?

Please do cite your nation so I recognize which dialect we space talking about.



In Mexico... All 4 words are supplied for bedroom:

Recámara also method chamber (the part of a pistol)

Alcoba as
rodrigo says, is only supplied in books, novels and also so on, back in some places (like hotels) friend can find alcoba matrimonial referring to a wedding suite.

Dormitorio might be "dorm", a location when you discover lots that beds

Habitación might be any kind of room, simply a location surrounded through 4 walls

Cuarto also means bedroom however has other interpretations like "the fourth part of something" (Un cuarto the kilo - 1/4 kilo)



I"m from north Spain.

Here the most usual word is habitación:

¡Vete a tu habitación!Go to your bedroom!

However, in books and on TV, cuarto is probably an ext often seen and heard:

¡Vete a tu cuarto!

Both are offered with a possesive, for this reason tu habitación and also tu cuarto method your bedroom or your room.

But there is no the possesive, they might refer to any kind of room, for this reason in these instances dormitorio is used:

Se vende una casa con 4 dormitorios.House sold with 4 bedrooms.

alcoba sounds archaic. It have the right to be provided for rhetoric, poetic turns of phrase, or humoristic effect, except when it refers metaphorically to a marital relationship (or some similar relationship status in which a bed is shared), specifically in the idiom:

Problemas de alcoba.Marriage issues.

recámara is nearly never used.

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Lisa Beck
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Here in Chile us say pieza or dormitorio. Virtually never habitación, and also never, never alcoba, cuarto or recámara.

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Eva ThyssenEva Thyssen
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They may all have precisely the same meaning, they carry out not all have actually the same context.

Cuarto - Quarters. Life quarters. It"s a really ancient hatchet in English, yet it quiet lingers in the language.

Recámara, come me, renders me think of a hotel room, or a room because that rent.

Alcoba, I have never heard, but judging indigenous the others" effort to translate it, I discover it to typical nothing more than a room. Not a bedroom in particular, but rather simply a room.

Aula is something i know has classroom.

Habituación sounds prefer a very proper, fancy method to describe a bedroom; I have the right to see why it would certainly be supplied in Spain.

Dormitorio is precisely what you would think the is, a dormitory. In English, words dormitory or domicile are really proper names because that a bedroom.

So again, also though castle all typical the very same thing, lock deserve your contexts.

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I"m from Argentina and also we speak pieza to average "bedroom".

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