Elephants for good Luck – Elephant Symbolism

The concept that elephants bring an excellent luck has actually a lengthy history.

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The elephant is a prize of strength, power, stability and wisdom.

Elephant statues are popular worldwide. That is typical superstition the an elephant carving or snapshot should constantly face the door if you want to bring great luck right into the house.

It likewise protects the home when dealing with the entrance making sure only an excellent fortune overcome through.

Many business owners in Asia may have actually a couple of elephants by the entrance of the building. This are thought to administer stability and wisdom come the company and thereby protecting the firm from okay fortunes.

Likewise two little elephant sculptures in the entrance hall of a private home will lug knowledge, longevity and success into the home.

Should the Trunk be Up or Down?


There are different opinions regarding if the elephant trunk have to be increase or down.

Some say if the stems is up the elephant will certainly shower an excellent fortune top top all who walk previous it.

The many common belief is the the trunk needs to be increase for an excellent luck. Part even insurance claim that if the trunk is under it is an extremely unlucky for the owner.

A few believe the is better if the tribe is down because this means the elephant lets an excellent fortune circulation freely and naturally on everyone path.

This is around the same conversation as the horseshoe; must it it is in hanging facing up or down?

Now elephant charm are significantly popular. They space worn through millions worldwide as a general good luck symbol.

Many think that a bracelet made from elephant hair will bring good luck.

Elephants have actually been admired by people for plenty of centuries. They space intelligent animals.

Elephants have actually the biggest brains of every mammals. Elephants understand the task of using tools. They have a suburb memory.

Aristotle, the old Greek philosopher declared that the elephant exceeded all other animals in wisdom.

Elephants are capable of showing an excellent compassions and also expressing grief.

Sacred Elephants

In Hinduism we discover sacred elephants. Elephants space the pets of some an effective gods. Of course the most popular is the Hindu god with the elephant head called Ganesh.

Airavata – The sacred White Elephant

Indra is a powerful god in Hinduism. The is the god the controls lightning and thunder. Indra is god that the rain and also guardian that the East. He carries the vajra, i beg your pardon is a thunderbolt scepter.


Indra is the patron god the warriors. He is the leader of the gods of the heaven referred to as the Devas.

Indra stays in Svarga, a place in the clouds bordering Mount Meru.

Mount Meru is a golden mountain in Hindu mythology wherein all the many important divine beings have their own celestial Kingdoms.

Devotees join them while lock wait for their following reincarnation.

Airavata is the surname of the sacred white elephant belonging come Indra. Airavata is the king that elephants.

This elephant guards the entrance of Svarga wherein Indra lives. Elephants are linked with rain and also water.

Airavata is often just dubbed “The elephant the the clouds”. It is Airavata that controls the rain clouds.Airavata is married to an elephant called Abharamu.


Erawan – The Three-Headed Elephant of Thailand


In Thailand Airavata elephant is dubbed Erawan.

Erawan is many often presented as an elephant with three heads and therefor dubbed “The three-headed elephant”.

Erawan to be the main feature on the flag the Laos from 1952 – 1975.

In Bangkok, Thailand world of all components of society visit the open air Erawan Shrine to ask for good luck.


This location is liven day and night. This shrine is committed to the four-faced Brahma God named Than Tao Mahaprom. The four faces symbolize his four good virtues: kindness, mercy, sympathy and fairness.

Students come asking to pass their exams, business people come asking for success in your line the work, civilization asking for something they long for.

You name it; this is the “go to” place to seek an excellent fortune in your lives.

If friend like, you deserve to pay a dancer come dance together you ask for what you wish. This may strengthen a confident outcome.

If a request is granted, the person will naturally present gratitude. They will go back to the Erawan Shrine providing a wooden elephant, flowers or food.


Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess the prosperity is often shown with one or two elephants.

She is connected with elephants and also an owl.

Elephants stand for steadfast work, strength, rain and also the capacity to develop abundant wealth.

Lakshmi is especially celebrated during the Diwali festival.

Queen Maya and also the White Elephant

Maya (also called Queen Mahamaya) was the mother of Siddhartha Gautama who established Buddhism. She had a very special dream.

She dreamt the she had been carried away by four spirts (devas) come a place called Lake Anotatta in the Himalayas. There she bathed and also got pull on in a magnificent gown.

As she was relaxing a small white elephant carrying a white lotus flower in its stems appeared.The elephant approached her and also walked three times roughly her.

The white elephant then gone into her ideal side. The elephant vanished and Maya woke up.

Ten months later on Siddhartha Gautama, the future Buddha to be born indigenous her appropriate side. During labor she hosted on come a branch native a Sal tree and felt no pain.

Queen Maya passed away in delight after 7 days to sign up with the gods.

Many believe it was Siddhartha who gotten in her womb through the elephant.

The future Buddha was in the Tusita heaven and he to be to be reborn one last time.

He took the shape of a white elephant and went to Maya through the function of gift born one last time top top earth.

White Elephants

White elephants room rare and considered sacred.

In Thailand white elephants belong to the king. Native 1820 – 1917 there to be a white elephant on the flag that Thailand.

The design adjusted slightly during these years, but there was always a white elephant. White elephants are incredibly expensive to store as they carry out need consistent special treatment.

As the white elephants space scared, the is not allowed to let them work. The king was known to gift a white elephant to someone who had actually displeased that in any manner.

The person who got the white elephant had a huge problem.

The pet could no be offered away and also was i have lot of money to maintain.

Receiving a white elephant would regularly lead to financial ruin.

The an interpretation of the ax “A White Elephant”

The term “A white Elephant” describes something the is costing you more than it is worth or miscellaneous that has been gifted come you that you would rather not have and find useless, yet feel you have to keep.

Many charity organizations and also churches sponsor “White Elephant Sales”. People will donate points from their homes which space not your taste.

Finally they are allowed to get rid of their “white elephants” through a great conscience as they are supporting a worthy case.

White Elephant Gift Exchange Party Game

White Elephant party gamings are a lot of fun.

The idea is that everyone bring a useless or wacky gift. The gift requirements to it is in rapped and also placed anonymously in a basket.

No one is to know who provided which gift. That is a great idea to do the gifts theme based, for example Christmas decorations, toys, residence decorations, and so on.

Everybody needs to agree if the gift is to be something brand-new or a supplied item from your home. The is a great idea to collection an approximate value for the gift, say for instance $ 5.

The players gather about a table. Agree on how to choose who starts.

You could roll a dice and also the an initial person that rolls a “one” beginning the game and chooses a gift indigenous the basket or that are put in the middle of the table. Friend can additionally pick numbers from a hat to determine the order. The very first player opens up a gift.

The next human can choose to stealing an opened gift from an additional player or pick a gift native the basket come open.

If who steals her gift, you acquire to steal someone else gift or select an unopened gift.

You can not steal the gift that was simply stolen native you prior to the following round.

The exact same gift have the right to be stolen only once during a round. A gift have the right to only be stolen a complete of 3 times prior to it is “frozen”.

There are plenty of variations come this party game. Some make cards v instructions i beg your pardon the human being who has actually their turn needs to pick.

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The cards could read “Pick a sheathe gift”, “Exchange your gift through the person next come you” and so on.