Bearded dragon? open Mouth? Don´t worry, don´t worry! Most probably your moustache dragon is no sick if the stares in ~ you with an open up mouth looking prefer he is ready to spit a fireball right right into your face.

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The reasons why mustache dragons open their mouth are largely not alarming. Many of the time bearded dragons execute that to control their human body temperature. That can additionally be a sign for aggression or defensive behavior.

This article will display you 4 reasons why your bearded dragon mirrors an open up mouth all the time. That will display you, what you deserve to do about it and why that is essential to understand what her bearded dragon desires to call you with this behavior.


The first and most usual reason because that a moustache dragon’s open mouth is called “gaping.” any dragon kept in ~ the right temperature will certainly gape generally while lock bask.

It is a type of thermoregulation in i m sorry excess warmth is vented the end of the mouth—the first defense against overheating. Where humans sweat, bearded dragon gape. However, the habits isn’t a authorize of discomfort.

In fact, they perform this to prevent warmth buildup when the perfect internal temperature is achieved. A gaping mustache dragon is a happy mustache dragon—not too cold, and, due to their personal ventilation technique, not too hot!

How to Tell If your Bearded Dragon Is Gaping

“So, okay. Mine sweet, darling lizard is most likely fine, just gaping… yet what if i’m wrong? What if i’ve mistaken a symptom of some insidious an illness for gaping?”Calm down, yes sir a an easy answer come this.

If a bearded dragon has actually been basking because that a couple of hours, and that’s as soon as you notice the opened mouth, then the likelihood the gaping is huge!

Throw your problems out the window. However, over there are various other possibilities to consider when a it will be cold dragon opens up his mouth.

Beard Stretching and Yawning

Beard stretching, puffing, or flaring is another normal actions for bearded dragons. But, to the unprepared witness, the may appear that her bearded dragon is experiencing a demonic possession, or—for the realists the end there—like its choking.

Despite the freakish head movements, frog-like moustache puffing, and erratic opening and also closing that the mouth, there’s no should panic. This is simply how a moustache dragon follow me his/her beard.

Bearded dragons also yawn, i beg your pardon looks like… well, a yawn. It is periodically accompanied by a little beard stretch.

Aggression and also Defense

As many of united state know, mustache dragons space docile, friendly reptiles. Aggressive behavior towards humans is rare. However, girlfriend may discover that you’ve triggered defensive behavior in her pet.

Once, ns startled my lizard by towering over him during a expedition outside, which normally leaves him nervous. He easily turned in the direction of me, mouth opened, beard puffed out, displaying his best impression that a fearsome biology that’s ready to pounce.

After a moment, the realized ns was the same human I’ve constantly been and allowed me to sit down. Aggressive bearded dragons room not unheard of, though. And also after having actually my finger mistaken because that a worm, I have the right to attest to their jagged little teeth.

While a beardy could never take her finger off, they’re capable of inflicting a nasty cut.

Always respect the animal’s human body language. Aggressive dragons could puff, hiss, leap, and also gape. Yet most of united state will never ever see this. Generally, just dragons that have actually a bad background with humans will ever before act this aggressively.

What To execute In that Case?

If friend think the your moustache dragon opens its mouth because it mirrors a defensive habits towards you, it can assist to produce a safe location for her bearded dragon.

For example, get this plants and also cover 2 or three sides the the moustache dragon inclosure v plants.

This method your bearded dragon can´t view what´s walking on roughly its tank and also this helps exceptionally to calm down an aggressive or scared bearded dragon. Friend can additionally get a background prefer this to cover a side of the beardie tank.

Another good way to make the beardie tank because that comfortable for her bearded dragon is to obtain a hide. Ns recommend to get this hide. That is cheap, you can choose the size you need and it gets the task done perfectly.

Bearded Dragon – respiratory Infection

The final reason because that bearded dragons to have opened mouths is the just reason because that concern.

Respiratory infections are resulted in when humidity over 40% for a prolonged period.

Bearded dragon are pets of the dry woodlands that Australia, not adapted to breath moist air, making respiratory infections common in humid regions.

Keepers must own a hygrometer and use these approaches to keep low humidity in enclosures: If you use a water bowl, save it little and away from warmth sources.

Don’t use barks or mosses in terrariums, as they retain moisture. If the humidity is high in the enclosure, add an ext ventilation.

If the humidity in your home is also high, and also no other approaches work, buy a dehumidifier to location in the room with your bearded dragon.

How to Tell If her Bearded Dragon has A respiratory tract Infection

A moustache dragon with a respiratory tract infection can look favor it’s gaping all day. This i will not ~ be in solution to basking temperatures, instead, the dragon is attempting to breath with it’s mouth.

Watch for mucus in or around the mouth and nose, labored breathing, wheezing, or crackling through each breath.

Sick dragons may end up being lethargic and also lose appetite.

Contact a vet immediately if you suspect your dragon has a respiratory tract infection, together there’s no effective method to law it in ~ home. Because that bearded dragon left untreated, fluid will develop up in the lungs, eventually suffocating the lizard.



So, why perform bearded dragons open up their mouths? moustache dragons open their mouths as a solution to countless different things, and most of the time, there’s no factor to worry.

Gaping is a great sign as soon as it comes to basking, and they stretch their beards simply to, uh, creep united state out?

But occasionally it deserve to be a authorize of stress, defensiveness, or—worse yet—severe illness. Once you pay fist to the dragon’s typical behavior, it will be easy to identify one that these points from another.

For those who treatment for your bearded dragons, and act top top their ideal judgement, ns sure every little thing will turn out fine.

Before girlfriend leave!

Since i receive many comments and emails indigenous bearded dragon owner that phone call me that their mustache dragon is refusing come eat greens, I chose to help with this issue.

What many bearded dragon owners execute not understand is that a moustache dragon that does no eat greens might be sick or is top top the best method to acquiring sick.

Bearded dragons room omnivores, which means that castle eat anything they can discover in the wild. The difficulty that most bearded dragons are picky when it pertains to food just arouses early to poor husbandry.

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