Parrots space hilarious and clever birds the make because that a exorbitant pet. They will fill your home with well-timed squaws and maybe some funny catch phrases. They additionally have among the most incredible body languages in the pet kingdom and also are frequently recognized for their strange head bobbing. Bird owners spend hrs observing the plenty of messages this birds send through their movements. Right here we will describe why parrots bob their heads.

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Andrea Lightfoot/Unsplash

Head bobbing in nature

The natural reason of the head bobbing behavior of a parrot tracks ago to a wild and outlandish early life. Youngsters of many varieties bob their heads come tell their mom they room hungry. Once the mommy realizes the movement, she gives food and also the actions is rewarded. Gift a natural actions found both in wild animals and birds born in captivity, this is hardly ever a sign of true distress or miscellaneous to it is in alarmed about. Together they grow, this head bobbing will evolve right into an attention-seeking behavior that is largely positive and also fun come watch.

What is your parrot trying come tell you?

For tamed birds, head bobbing is a normal means to communicate with your owners. When a parrot desires your attention, they will start bobbing and moving next to side. As soon as they feel ignored, they will perform their finest dance to acquire you to look. Hear to their cue and also give them part love. They space trying to bond through you. In some cases, they could want to tell friend something much more specific. Listed below you will find some of the most typical reasons why a parrot bobs their head. 

Ahmed Zayan/Unsplash

Polly wants a cracker

Another common reason for head bobbing is hunger. This behavior might continue with adult birds once it’s clear the you are their caregiver. By developing who feeds them, they understand who they need to call in case they feeling a craving. If they room low top top food and also need a refill, lock will execute their funny move to gain you to feed them soon. One more possibility is that they are trying to acquire a treat out of you. If they space being trained, they will sometimes shot to bribe you for a freebie. Nothing be surprised if your parrot beginning tricking you right into feeding him an ext by busting some moves.

Getting their emotions out there

Birds are sensitive pets that make their feelings known. Plenty of of their habits express a require or warning you of your emotional state. Remember that being in an enclosure for extended periods of time will stress and anxiety your bird. If castle haven’t been able come stretch the end their wings and also move around, lock will start bobbing to gain your attention. For parrots, excitement and anger room expressed v head bobbing that looks more intense and frantic.

If lock feel threatened or afraid, castle will display their size and bob their head to assert their presence. Make certain you console castle if they appeared distressed. Occasionally leaving them alone or removing other birds from your surroundings is sufficient to calm them down.

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They simply want to dance 

Parrots and also cockatoos are famed for bobbing your head to the rate of the music. They are pretty an excellent at complying with a tune and they reap music an extremely much. Some have even come to be internet emotion for their dancing talents. We are looking in ~ you, Snowball! 

Neuroscientist and also researcher Dr. Aniruddh Patel shown that parrots really deserve to keep a beat. After researching the movements of a famed dancing parrot named Snowball, he found that the bird synchronized his movements to the win of a song. There was doubt at the moment that the parrot was just copying a trainer during their performances. The study concluded that although Snowball fell out of rate often, he might definitely adjust the rate of his activities to the tempo the a brand-new song. That concluded that the bird deserve to not just dance but likewise combine moves.

Understanding what your parrot is trying to tell you takes time, practice, and also patience. They are really great at communicating with humans and also their characters are complicated and fun to discover. Hear to them and bond. This is the best method to create the link needed come train them, treatment for them, and also make them members of your family.