the an essential unit of length in the metric system, tantamount to 39.37 U.S. Inches, initially intended to be, and also being really nearly, same to one ten-millionth that the distance from the equator come the pole measure on a meridian: characterized from 1889 to 1960 as the distance between two present on a platinum-iridium bar (the “International Prototype Meter”) kept at the worldwide Bureau the Weights and also Measures close to Paris; from 1960 to 1983 defined as 1,650,763.73 wavelengths of the orange-red radiation of krypton 86 under specified conditions; and now identified as 1/299,792,458 the the distance light travel in a vacuum in one second. Abbreviation: m
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Prosody. poetic measure; setup of native in frequently measured, patterned, or rhythmic present or verses. A particular kind of such arrangement, relying on either the sort or the number of feet constituting the city or both rhythmic type and variety of feet (usually supplied in combination): pentameter; dactylic meter; iambic trimeter.

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First recorded prior to 900; middle English metir, metur, Old English meter, indigenous Latin metrum “poetic rhythm or meter, verse,” indigenous Greek métron “measure”; replacing middle English metre, from middle French metre, indigenous Latin together above
an instrument because that measuring, particularly one that immediately measures and also records the quantity of something, together of gas, water, miles, or time, when it is activated.
a combining form definition “measure,” provided in the names of tools measuring quantity, extent, degree, etc.: altimeter; barometer.
any machine that measures and also records the quantity of a substance, such together gas, that has actually passed through it throughout a specified period
any an equipment that measures and also sometimes records an electrical or magnetic quantity, such together current, voltage, etc
The typical unit of size in the global System of units that is tantamount to 39.37 inches.

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The very organized rhythm characteristic the verse; the sample of stressed and also unstressed rate in a line. (See iambic pentameter.)

The an easy unit of length in the metric system; that was initially planned so that the one of the earth would be measured at around forty million meters. A meter is 39.37 inches. Today, the meter is identified to be the street light travel in 1 / 299,792,458 seconds.