1. This is the name of the mrs goddess to which young girls are specialized and then required into prostitution in India (Points : 1)VishnuKrishnaLakshmiYellammaQuestion 2. 2. Follow to Held, the complying with have to be aligned through femininity in the background of Western thought (Points : 1)emotionweaknesspassionall the the aboveQuestion 3. 3. According to psychiatric studies, which of the adhering to has been discovered around the relationship between criminal violence and also childhood abuse? (Points : 1)Criminal violence complies with childhood abuse equally in males and also femalesWomen are much more likely to commit criminal violence if the childhood abuse to be at a younger ageWhen criminal violence adheres to childhood abuse that is practically always in malesNo correlation has been found at all in between criminal violence and childhood abuseQuestion 4. 4. This is the name for prostitutes in India who have been dedicated to a woman goddess (Points : 1)HindusHiermalaDevadasiSangliQuestion 5. 5. What, follow to Noddings, carry out male thinkers tend come say about death (as protest to women)? (Points : 1)Men are more brave in the face of death than women since of their natural courageousnessDeath often tends to it is in harder ~ above men due to their attachments come the glory that this worldWomen are an ext able to permit their belief in the immortality overcome their aversion come deathMale philosophers regularly talk as though the civilization or reason and abstraction is superior to the physical world of the bodyQuestion 6. 6. In Held’s article, a thinker named Annette Baier insurance claims that the history of Western honest thought does no take right into account feminine facets because (Points : 1)The great moral philosophers were males who had little intimate communication with women.The good moral theorists were regularly loving husbands.The good moral theorists hated women.The good moral theoristsQuestion 7. 7. What walk Nel Noddings say about rates the violent crime amongst men and women? (Points : 1)Men are naturally much an ext violence vulnerable than womenWomen commit virtually as lot crime as guys do; gender distinctions here are illusoryMen deserve to be socialized not to commit crime, as watched in plenty of eastern societiesThere has actually been no clearly demonstrated relation between gender and also crime ratesQuestion 8. 8. Organized uses this instance to talk about the political distinctions that different men and also women in the realms of the public and the private (Points : 1)a organization man going out for cocktailsa mom nursing she childa city planner occurring a buildinga mom homeschooling she childrenQuestion 9. 9. Which of the complying with are question in the Bechdel test (Points : 1)Is there an ext than one female character?Do lock speak to each other?When they speak to each other, execute they talk around something various other than a man?all the the aboveQuestion 10. 10. Which answer best describes Noddings’s statements around how mothers generally to feel about losing their children in war? (Points : 1)Mothers rest assured the the deaths the their youngsters was totally justified through the an excellent they did in the warMothers often permit their desire to show patriotism to override their organic opposition come war and the death of your childrenMothers universally protest war and the fatality of kids that it inevitably bringsMothers are generally much more enthusiastic for war than anyone else because they understand it will make the people safer because that future generationsQuestion 11. 11. In the video “Sexism in the News Media 2012” part newscasters blame military women for this (Points : 1)being eliminated in combatbeing rapednot gift able to have actually childrenbeing battle heroesQuestion 12. 12. Gilligan cases that females have tendency to view relationships as these (Points : 1)hierarchieswebsrulesdutiesQuestion 13. 13. This is one way that males can contribute to the devastation of sexual objectification of females (Points : 1)they have the right to be kind to womenthey have the right to tell females that they room attractivethey can stop search attentionthey deserve to stop assessing women based upon their looksQuestion 14. 14. What go Noddings need to say about essentialism around gender? (Points : 1)It is the clearly false watch that men and also women have essencesIt is problematic since it has actually been connected with creation and also because it has always favored males end femalesIt wrongly assumes the God can not have actually made us in means that were contrary come our ‘essential nature’Culture is irrelevant; every one of our actions are innateQuestion 15. 15. How have historians tended to treat generally male tendencies versus generally female tendencies? (Points : 1)Historians worth female tendencies much more highly because it is childbearing and also childrearing that enable the team to surviveFemale traditions have been emphasized since they reflect store aesthetic refinement and also sophisticationMale tendencies, favor mathematics, warfare, and even singing have actually been prized much more highlyNo correlation has actually been uncovered at all between criminal violence and childhood abuseQuestion 16. 16. Follow to Held, feminist theories of self (Points : 1)pit humans versus one another in competitionrelate the separation, personal, instance to global humankindexamine what it way to it is in a woman in a horrific male-dominated worldsee the me as related to details humans in relationshipQuestion 17. 17. According to Colin Stokes, in this film all the heroic, wise, and also villainous personalities are female (Points : 1)The small MermaidStar WarsThe magician of OzLes MiserablesQuestion 18. 18. In Gilligan’s example, the child named Amy focuses on this facet of the Heinz dilemma (Points : 1)the reasonable nature that the problema practical calculus that weighs the optionsKohlberg’s concept of moral developmentthe relationships associated in the dilemmaQuestion 19. 19. According to Caroline Heldman, which of the following is a inquiry that uses to her sex-related object test? (Points : 1)Does the photo show civilization having sex?Does the image display a human being as other that can be bought or sold?Does the image display a complete image of a woman?Does the image display screen violence against people in the image?Question 20. 20.

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This is the name of being conscious of one’s illustration in relation to position, light, that is watching, etc. (Points : 1)habitual body monitoringself-awarenessanorexiadepression

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